Best 5 Wet And Dry Epilators For Sale In 2022 Reviews + Guide

Have you been thinking about getting a wet and dry epilator?

If you have, read about the advantages of wet and dry epilation. See which 5 best wet and dry epilators I have put on my list and why. All the products are available on


The Benefits Of Wet And Dry Epilation

The Perks Of Using An Epilator

The epilator is the hair removal device that fully removes the hair and makes it less thick. Unlike the electric razors that cut the hair at the surface of the skin, the epilator’s tweezers remove the hair fully from the roots. This is why the results are long-lasting and your skin may remain soft for weeks.

Wet Epilation Advantages

The epilation may be painful, especially if you are a beginner. Epilating under the shower will make you feel more comfortable. You can epilate your hair standing up or sitting down. Also, warm water may reduce pain. You can apply shower gel to help the epilator to glide. Wet epilation possibility is convenient and mess-free.

Dry Epilation Advantages

Dry epilation is more painful but more effective. The reason for that is the fact that when you use water or shower gel, the epilator glides easier, but the hairs slip and you will have to spend more time to eliminate the hair. With dry epilation, you will get to remove all hair the first time.

Cordless Use

When using an epilator for the wet epilation you will have to use it cordless. Before starting with the wet epilation, charge the unit. The cordless use will also help with reaching areas that are usually harder to reach. The cordless epilators are very convenient and easily portable.

Safe On Your Skin

The epilation with an epilator is safe on your skin. The modern epilators gently remove hair from the root and prevent irritation. In case you have extra sensitive skin, or don’t want to epilate certain body parts, most epilators come with detachable shaver heads.

5 Best Wet And Dry Epilators

Best Epilator For Wet And Dry For Face And Bodyf

braun silk epil 7 wet and dry

About Braun Epilator

This model of a Braun epilator comes in classic white design. It features 40 close-grip tweezers that gently remove short hairs. Unlike waxing, with this epilator, you don’t need to wait for hairs to grow back visible.

braun silk epil 7 wet and dry

Waterproof And Cordless

This wet and dry epilator is perfect to use on all body parts. The wet epilation feels more comfortable, mess-free, and less painful. The waterproof feature makes it easier to clean. Clean it after every use. Charge it before using it for wet epilation. The cordless use is convenient for dry epilation too.

Detachable Heads

There are 6 detachable heads that this epilator by Braun features. The epilator head provides the most long-lasting results. In case you want to shave a delicate part of your skin, use the shaver head that includes a trimmer cap. A high-frequency massage cap helps with blood circulation. There are also a cap for the sensitive area, a facial cap, and an efficiency cap.

braun silk epil 7 wet and dry review

The Perks Of Using Braun 7

Apart from having the possibility of wet and dry epilation, other benefits of using this wet and dry epilator are the long-lasting smooth skin results and safe epilation. Moreover, this epilator removes hair 4x shorter than wax. It doesn’t pull the skin and you can use it as a facial hair remover.

The Quality And Price

This Braun wet and dry epilator is made of high-quality materials. It is durable and safe for all types of skin. The blades are made from the material that won’t irritate your skin. This unit is pricy, but, in my opinion, it is worth it. Check more on

Why Buy This Product

  • high-quality product
  • easy to use and clean
  • 6 detachable heads

Best Epilator Wet And Dry For Women

remington wet and dry epilator

The Design

This Remington wet and dry epilator for women comes with a classic design. The front side of the handle is purple, and the rest is white. The power button is positioned at the standard central part of the handle. Above it, there is the LED smart light. The pivoting head follows the contours of your body.

Remington Epilator EP7030E

The Epilator Head

The epilator head of this hair removal device comes with 40 tweezers. The mechanical tweezers quickly pluck out your hair leaving the skin smooth. The great number of tweezers minimizes the number of passes. This is why your skin won’t get irritated. There will only be a few hairs left after one pass with this epilator. For wet epilation, use the shower gel.

The Effective Results

Since the hairs are plucked out from the root, they are fully eliminated. This is why the process may hurt, especially if you are new to this. Still, is used continuously, the hair will grow back slower and it will be less dense and less thick. The results may last up to 4 or 5 weeks.

Remington Epilator EP7030E review

The Detail Light Function?

Most models of epilators offer this feature. The LED smart-light is usually located on the top of the unit. It helps with finding the finest and thinnest hair that is sometimes not visible with the naked eye. The detail light automatically turns on when the epilator is powered on.

The Extras

This Remington wet and dry epilator for women includes the epilator head, the massaging cap with aloe vera, and a precision cap that helps the epilation of the facial hair.

Why Buy This Product

  • massaging cap and precision cap for facial hair removal
  • detail light function
  • pivoting head

Best Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator

panasonic wet dry epilator

About Panasonic Epilator

This Panasonic epilator comes in white and pink. It provides a cordless wet and dry epilation and the results that last for a few weeks. The cost of this wet and dry epilator is high, but the unit is made of durable materials.

panasonic wet dry epilator

Epilate With Less Pain

In case you still haven’t started with the epilation, you might be frightened by the pain the epilator might cause. In this case, the wet epilation might help. Take a warm shower first and use the cordless epilator for the wet hair removal. Apply shower gel and make this process more comfortable.

Three In One

There are three features that this epilator can perform. It includes the normal epilator head that quickly and effectively removes the hair from almost all body parts. The shaver head will remove the hairs from the most delicate areas. The bikini trimmer is included too.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery that this Panasonic epilator uses can be charged. The charging time is about 12 hours. It is best if you charge it during the night. The usage per charge is about half an hour which should be enough for the wet epilation. Use it without the cord even for the dry epilation and reach all body parts.

What Is In The Box?

The box includes the wet and dry two-speed epilator, three interchangeable heads, a travel pouch for, and a protective snap-on cap. The power source is 120V. The size of the epilator is 5.6” x 2.4” x 1.5”.

Why Buy This Product

  • durable and effective
  • three interchangeable heads
  • makes the wet epilation less painful

Best Epilator Wet And Dry For Legs

epilady Drop wet and dry Epilator

Epilady Epilator For Legs

The Epilady Drop epilator for wet and dry use is one of the best epilators for legs one can find on the market. It comes with 56 tweezer discs that provide up to 64,000 tweezers per minute. This epilator will quickly remove all the leg hair and make them grow back slower.

epilady Drop wet and dry Epilator

Dual-Speed Motor

The two-level motor makes the hair removal easier. This feature is great for women to have just started with epilation. The slower mode gently removes the hair from sensitive areas, such as bikini line or underarms. The faster mode will quickly remove the hair from your legs.

Hypoallergenic Tweezers

The tweezer discs are made of natural stainless steel material. It doesn’t rust and it lasts longer. It is safe to use on all types of skin. Even if you have extra sensitive skin, the Epilady epilator won’t irritate it or cause any other damage.

epilady Drop wet and dry Epilator review

Wet And Dry Cordless Use

Just like with the previous modes, the Epilady is usable with water. If you feel like having a warm bath, you can still use the Epilady epilator. The wet epilation will be less painful. Consider dry epilation too and decide which one is more effective and less painful for you.

Good To Know

The Epilady Drop epilator for wet and dry epilation comes with a loop for convenient hanging in the shower. It is suitable for use on the whole body. It works best as an epilator for legs. Once the epilator is fully charged, the auto shut-off will automatically disable the charging system.

Why Buy This Product

  • a loop for hanging the epilator in the shower
  • auto shut-off that disables charging system
  • affordable price
  • works great on legs

Best Epilator Wet And Dry For Sensitive Skin

philips satinelle advanced wet & dry epilator

3 In 1 Epilator

The Philips Satinelle wet and dry epilator is ideal for sensitive skin hair removal. It comes with the regular gentle epilation head. It also features the shaving and trimming head. Choose the preferable head and simply snap it on the main unit.

philips satinelle advanced wet & dry epilator

Nine-Piece Kit

Apart from the shaver, trimmer, and epilator head, the Philips Satinelle wet and dry epilator features the trimmer caps and the facial hair cap. You can use it to remove hair from other delicate body parts such as bikini line or underarms.

The Cordless Use

After the charging, this Philips Satinelle epilator can be used for 40 minutes. This time should be enough for wet or dry epilation. Apply shower gel and help the epilator glide more easily if epilating under the shower. After every use, make sure you clean well the epilator or shaving head. This is how you will prevent possible skin infections.

philips satinelle advanced wet & dry epilator review

The Epilation And Results?

To remove unwanted hair with this epilator, clean the skin first, and exfoliate it. Use the epilator or the shaver. Move the unit in the opposite direction of the hair growth. After the usage, clean the head and apply the cream to your skin. The epilation results will last for a few weeks. The shaving results will last for a few days. The skin will remain soft and smooth in any way.

Why Buy This Product

  • durable and quality product
  • long-lasting results
  • safe on your skin
  • 3 in 1 epilator

Conclusion: Which Two Wet And Dry Epilators Are The Best?

The two wet and dry epilators that I liked most are Remington Wet And Dry Epilator and Epilady Drop Wet And Dry Epilator. The Remington model comes with the pivoting head which I consider very important. It also has a massaging cap included. The Epilady epilator works quickly and effectively on legs.

In case you’d like to read more about this subject, check out the post about the best epilators on the market. If you would like to see more models, check out the best eyebrow epilators article or the best facial hair epilators article.