Best 5 Upper Lip Epilators For Hair Removal In 2022 Reviews

Do you have problems with upper lip hair?

If you want to buy the effective epilator for hair removal with the most long-lasting effects, read this article. Check out the best five upper lip epilators for hair removal that you can find online. Get to know their main characteristics and price.


What To Consider Before Getting An Upper Lip Epilator?

Why Epilation?

The main difference between the depilation and the epilation is that the depilation will cut your hair at the surface and possibly cut your skin. The epilation eliminates unwanted hair entirely and directly from the root which makes the regrown hairs less thick and the skin remains softer.

Adjust It To Your Needs

Getting a perfect upper lip hair removal epilator depends on your needs. Do you want to get rid of the upper lip hair only, or other facial hair? Think about your needs and buy the epilator accordingly. Get to know the main characteristics of the product before purchase.

Choose The Model

When you have figured out what your needs are, you will know which model to get. Will that be a spring epilator, the one that uses the threading method for hair removal, the regular electric epilator, or another model? You will get to know more about this in this article.

Know Your Skin Type

Generally, the epilators are safe for your skin. They rarely cause damage, irritations, or ingrown hair. However, if you have an extra sensitive skin type, make sure the product you are buying guarantees the efficiency and it is rated for use on such a skin type.

Models With Affordable Price

The epilators are mostly affordable products that come at a fair price. You can get a certain model of an epilator for as little as about 10$. Also, some models you will get at a much higher price. In any way, you will save money with these products because you won’t have to pay for expensive depilations at the salon anymore.

5 Best Epilators For Upper Lip For Sale

Best Spring Epilator For Upper Lip

Okface Facial Hair Removal For Women

What Is A Spring Epilator?

The spring epilators are small and compact products. They are designed to remove your facial hair with plucking. The coils entrap the hair with a twisting action. The hair is then quickly plucked out from the root. This kind of epilation is perfect for eliminating hair on the face.

Okface Facial Hair Removal For Women

How To Use

First, clean your face. Take the spring epilator and bend it into an inverted U shape. Use your thumb and index fingers. Twist the epilator handles inward and outwards. Do that while gliding upwards (in the opposite direction of the growth of hair). Pluck out the hair rapidly.

Which Body Part Can I Use It On??

The spring epilators work best on upper lip hairs. They remove the hair quickly and efficiently. The spring epilator can be used for removing other facial hair, such as on cheek, chin, neck, forehead, etc. It is not recommended to use it to remove eyebrow hair.

Okface Facial Hair Removal For Women review

The Results May Vary

The results depend on the person, but they are usually very effective. The skin remains smooth and soft. The hairs are weakened and they grow back thinner and finer. The skin remains smooth from two to six weeks. Use this product frequently to get the best effect after each epilation.

More Okface Characteristics

This product must be cleaned after every use. Rinse it under the water and clean it with alcohol. This Okface spring epilator is natural and hypoallergenic. It leaves the skin without irritation. It is suitable and safe for sensitive skin.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable
  • easy to maintain
  • epilation becomes less painful is used frequently
  • suitable for sensitive skin

Best Painless Upper Lip Epilator

Remington EP1050CDN Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator?

White & Pink Design

This Remington upper lip epilator comes in white and pink. The switch button is positioned in the middle, beneath the tweezers. It is small and compact. The size is only 1.5 x 3.6 x 8 inches.

Remington EP1050CDN Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator

Main Features Listed

The Remington upper lip epilator is an electronic hair removal device that leaves your facial skin soft and silky. It comes with 6 automatic tweezers that rotate rapidly and remove the hair gently. The price of this product is affordable.

How To Use And Where

Use this epilator on the clean skin. Turn it on and move it in the opposite direction of the growth of hair. Use it to remove the upper lip hair. In case you want, you can use it for other hair on the face. Be careful not to use it in the sensitive facial area such as around the eyebrows, etc.

Remington EP1050CDN Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator review

Cordless Operation

This Remington EP1050CDN upper lip hair remover comes with rechargeable batteries. This is why this product can be operated as a cordless unit. Its small and compact size allows you to use it for your travels. Take this epilator with you wherever you need it.

What Is Included

The package contains the threader, charger, and pink pouch for easy to carry on during travel. Also, the protective cap and cleaning brush are included. The cap protects the epilator head during travel and storage. The brush will help to remove hairs from tweezers and help you maintain clean the product.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable
  • effective
  • operates cordless

Best Eyebrow And Upper Lip Epilator

Braun Face 810 – Mini-Facial Hair Electric Removal Epilator

About Braun Facial Hair Remover

This small Braun facial hair remover combines two facial treatments. It comes with the feature of removing hairs from your face and it will help with facial cleansing. The product is designed to resemble the stick. It is small and discreet. You can carry it with you anywhere.

Braun Face 810 - Mini-Facial Hair Electric Removal Epilator

Great Eyebrow And Upper Lip Epilator

The facial epilation slim head will help you remove hairs precisely. Thanks to the slim head, this is a great eyebrow and upper lip epilator. The head comes with 10 micro-openings that remove the finest hair. You don’t have to wait for hairs to become visible to remove them. The results are long-lasting.

Thorough Facial Cleansing

The facial cleansing with Braun epilator works up to 6 times better than manual cleansing. It helps to remove make-up and facial impurities. It works with hundreds of micro-oscillations per minute.? This brush cleans gently and effectively. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

Braun Face 810 - Mini-Facial Hair Electric Removal Epilator review

Dry And Wet Epilation

This Braun upper lip epilator is waterproof. This means that, if you prefer doing the epilation under the shower or in a bathtub, you can. If not, use it for the dry epilation. It can be used with soup, facial scrub, and cleansing milk.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance?

Since this beauty product is waterproof, it is safe to clean it in the water. Rinse it under the running water each time after using it. Maintain the best hygiene and replace the brush every three months with a new refill. Make sure the product is clean and avoid irritated skin.

Why Buy This Product

  • cleansing brush and facial epilation
  • dry and wet epilation
  • small and discreet epilator in a stick

Best Upper Lip Epilator For Women

Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator

How Does It Work?

The Epilady epilator for women is specially designed to be used on fine facial hair. It removes thin hair and you don’t need to wait for them to become visible. It is safe and delicate on the skin. Its small epilating head ensures precise control. It works best when used on a washed and clean face.

Epilady Esthetic - Delicate Facial Epilator

Use It On Any Type Of Skin

This Epilady facial hair remover can be used on almost any type or color of the skin. It may make your skin irritated only if you have extra sensitive skin. It won’t pull out the skin during the epilation. It is made to be delicate and to remove hairs gently. Use it to remove the upper lip hair, peach fuzz, cheek, or chin hair. It works in an almost painless way.

Important Tips

This Epilady epilator is aesthetically highly effective on fine facial hair. But, have in mind that it may not always remove hair from the root. Also, it may not remove all coarser hair. If necessary, use the old-fashioned tweezers that the epilator couldn’t remove. If you have extra sensitive skin, be careful, and test it out first.

Epilady Esthetic - Delicate Facial Epilator review

More Details And Price

This Epilady epilator for women is hygienic. It is lightweight and small. It is easy to operate and to clean. The kit includes the cleaning brush that will help to maintain the epilator clean. It comes with the user manual. Also, there is a carrying case included so this unit is easy to carry on travels. The price is affordable.

Why Buy This Product

  • easy to carry on travels
  • easy to use and clean
  • removes fine hair

Best Cordless Upper Lip Epilator

ElectriBrite?Mini Rechargeable Cordless Face Hair Remover

About ElectriBrite Mini Epilator

The Portability?

Thanks to the small and discreet size of this ElectriBrite mini epilator, you can carry it with you on your travels or other occasions. It is lightweight and the batteries are rechargeable. It can be used as a cordless epilator. After it is properly charged, this cordless epilator can be used for about 30 minutes.

ElectriBrite?Mini Rechargeable Cordless Face Hair Remover

Useful Features?

This mini cordless epilator comes with smart light that makes all your facial hair visible when in process of epilation. It comes with 9 sharp tweezers that rapidly rotate and pull out the unwanted hair from the root. The light helps with removing hair precisely and it is made for hair removal on detail body areas. This epilator will make your skin silky.

Where To Use And The Results

This unit is great for facial hair areas. Also, it is suitable for the whole body. Use it for bikini line areas, arms, underarms, legs, knees, and on the other sensitive skin areas. Since this cordless epilator removes hair from the root, the smooth and soft skin will remain this way for weeks.

ElectriBrite?Mini Rechargeable Cordless Face Hair Remover review

Tips For Maintenance

The whole epilator is not waterproof. Clean the waterproof epilator head. Remove the shield cover and then clean the tweezers under the running water. The cleaning brush is included. Remove the hair from the tweezers with the brush. Clean the head each time after using it.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable
  • suitable for all body parts
  • easy to clean
  • portable

Conclusion: Which Two Upper Lip Epilators Are The Best?

In my opinion, these are the two best epilators for upper lip: Okface Facial Hair Removal For Women and Braun Face 810 – Mini-Facial Hair Electric Removal Epilator. The Okface model is a great spring epilator for the upper lip. The Braun model is suitable for dry and wet epilation.

In case you want to read more about this subject, check out my post about the best hair removal epilator. If you want to see more models, see the article about the eyebrow epilators or the best facial hair epilator.