Best 5 Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine Reviews In 2022

If you are in search of the best IPL hair removal laser, read this article.

I have prepared the 5 best professional laser hair removal machines that you can use at home or for professional purposes.

Check out more about these devices and see if among these models you will find the best one for you.


Why Should You Get A Professional Hair Laser Machine?

Professional And At Home Use

The models that you will find in this article can be used both at home and for professional purposes. They feature the safe and professional hair removal technology. The instructions for the use are provided within the user manual. Make sure to read them well and to use them properly and as indicated.

They Are Safe And Effective

Most of the at-home hair removal lasers come with IPL technology that is used in professional beauty centers and dermatologists’ clinics. As long as you do the treatments regularly (with caution and without trying to fasten the results!), you won’t experience any side effects.

Who Can Use?

The hair removal devices can be used both by women and men. It is not advisable for children under 18 years old to use these products. Also, if you have dark or back skin, check the skin tone and hair color chart. These devices are most effective on light skin and dark hair.

What To Be Careful With?

Be careful not to use these devices on dark, black, or tanned skin (unless indicated differently). Also, don’t use it over damaged skin or body part covered with tattooed. Be careful not to point the laser to your eyes. Wear safety glasses.

Where To Buy The Best Models?

The professional laser hair removal devices that I have reviewed in this article are available online. You will find them on Check out each product on the Amazon website. Get the special offer and read other users’ reviews to help you decide.

5 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines

Best Professional Permanent Hair Removal Device

Biotechnique Avance SDL50 Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

What Is A SDL-50DX Machine??

The SDL-50DX is a diode laser machine designed by Biotechnique Avance. The diode laser is more powerful than many lasers and can provide up to 300% more effective results than other models. This machine is perfect for professional purposes and requires a professional to use it.

Biotechnique Avance SDL-50DX Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

The Powerful Technology

This diode professional laser produces 130jcm2 per second. The pulse duration of this laser is 70nm. Users can adjust the pulse frequency to up to 7 emissions/second. Unlike many other models, this laser is effective to safely remove light blond and red hair.

The Treatments And Results

This professional diode laser by Biotechnique Avance emits powerful pulsating light. The melanin, natural pigment, absorbs these lights, and the light damages the hair root. This makes the hair stop growing for a long period. The treatments with this laser are gentle and the results are effective and durable.

Biotechnique Avance SDL-50DX Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine review

Is It Safe To Use It At Home?

This diode laser hair removal device is safe to use at home only if you know how to handle it properly. It is more advisable for a professional dermatologist to use it on patients. Unless you understand well how these devices work and read the instructions carefully, it is not advisable to use it at home.

Warning Tips

Be careful with using it on dark skin. It is not recommendable to use it on African-American type of skin. It may damage the skin and create serious side effects. Don’t use it in the area near your eyes or to remove a pubic hair from your private parts.

Why Buy This Product

  • professional use
  • can remove red and light blond hair
  • gentle and effective

Best Professional IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine

MLAY t3 Professional Light Epilator

At-Home Use

The MLAY T3 professional IPL laser hair removal device uses the IPL technology that is similar to the one that is used at professional beauty centers. The IPL laser emits pulsating lights that penetrate the root of the hair. The light damages the hair root and hair follicle and reduces the regrowth of the hair.

MLAY t3 Professional Light Epilator

Powerful Energy

This MLAY T3 laser’s technology for hair removal is powerful. It is a professional device that can easily be used at home and provide comfortable treatments. The 12-18 joules of light make this laser powerful and effective. It provides clinically-proven results. The permanent results are achieved after 3-4 months, depending on the individual’s situation.

For Women And Men

This unit can be used by women and men over 18 years old. It is ideal to remove body hair from almost all areas. Don’t use it near your eyes or eyebrows. It is suitable to use on other sensitive areas like the upper lip, armpits, or bikini line. Check the hair color and skin tone chart before using the machine. Don’t use it on dark and black skin tones.

MLAY t3 Professional Light Epilator review

Technical Characteristics

This laser hair removal machine comes with a high number of flashes which is 300,000. This should be enough for more than 15 years of use. The lamp head features the LCD-Display that provides information about the remaining number of flashes. There are 5 levels of flash energy. Increase levels gradually from 1 to 5. Use lower levels on delicate body parts.

Why Buy This Product

  • professional technology
  • for at-home use
  • suitable for men and women
  • 5 energy levels

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal For Men

Avance Professional Permanent Hair Removal Device

About Avance Hair Removal Device

The professional laser for hair removal comes in a similar design like the first model we reviewed. It features the handle and the control box that comes with a display screen. The screen provides you with all the important information about the remaining number of flashes, etc.

Avance Professional Permanent Hair Removal Device

The IPL Professional Technology

The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology that features this laser is a clinically-tested hair removal method. This means that this laser is safe to use both at home and for professional purposes. It reduces hair growth painlessly and makes the at-home treatments safe and comfortable.

Hair Removal For Men

The difference between laser that removes women’s and men’s hair is the fact that not every model is powerful enough to reduce the regrowth of men’s hair. This model can remove men’s hair from the face (don’t use it near the eyes), underarms, limbs, stomach, back, etc. It is suitable for women to use it too.

Avance Professional Permanent Hair Removal Device review

The Results

Usually, the results are first noticeable after a few sessions only. Depending on the individual’s situation, the permanent results are achieved after two to three months. They can be even better if you use pre-treatment gel and post-treatment hair growth inhibitors that come with the device.

Last Important Details?

The package contains the main unit, safety glasses, an adaptor, and a user manual with the instructions. Besides that, you can also get a pre-treatment gel, post-treatment hair growth inhibitors and carbon dye for the best results.

Why Buy This Product

  • suitable for men and women
  • can treat almost all body parts
  • includes safety glasses

Best Cheap At-Home Laser Hair Removal Systems

Xsoul IPL Professional Machine

Classic Design?

This small IPL laser hair removal comes in white design. It is easy to grip and easy to use. The laser is lightweight and it is easily portable. Take it with you wherever you go and keep up with your routine.

XSOUL At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women

Effective On The Whole Body

This Xsoul laser operates gently on your skin. It can be applied to most body parts. It is suitable to use on the face (upper lip, chin, cheek, jaw, neck), underarm, limbs, back, stomach, and bikini line. It uses professional and clinically-proven IPL technology for hair removal.

Which Skin And Hair Color Can I Use It On??

This device works effectively on dark blonde, brown, and black hairs. It will be ineffective to use on other hair colors with no melanin (natural pigment). It is safe to use on light or light brown skin. It may be harmful if used on dark brown or black skin.

XSOUL At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women review

Adjustable Energy

The 5 levels of flashes will make it easier for you to adjust to the flashes. It is advisable for beginners to start with low levels. Start with level 1 and gradually select other levels as your body gets used to the machine. Use it on lower levels when treating delicate areas.

Skin Tone Sensor

This unit comes with a special skin tone sensor. The sensor measures the treated skin at the beginning of each treatment. It the sensor detects that the skin tone is too dark, it will stop emitting pulses. This makes it safe to use. It scans the skin occasionally during the treatment too.

Best FDA-Cleared Professional Hair Removal Laser

Remington Professional IPL Hair Removal Device

Professional At-Home Use

The Remington IPL hair removal machine is perfect for at-home use. It features the powerful IPL technology that is used in professional clinics and beauty centers. It precisely targets and damages the melanin and the hair root. This is how it disables the hair regrow ability.

Remington iLight Pro At-Home IPL Hair Removal System

Ideal Results?

The results that the Cinseer IPL hair removal machine provides are visible after a few sessions only. Most of the time, the same results are only achieved at the salons. The treatments are painless. No gel is required. The permanent results are achieved after a few months (depending on the individual’s situation).

Quality And Gentle Operation

When buying such a device you should think about the quality of the product. This machine is made of high-quality materials and the lamp head produces powerful flashes that don’t create side effects (if used properly and on ideal skin tone). It gently, but effectively, removes hair from all body parts, except for the area near the eyes and pubic hair on private body parts.

Remington iLight Pro At-Home IPL Hair Removal System review

?Important Details About The Product

This laser features the lamp head with 6,000 flashes. That is not as much as some other models, but it is enough for 8-12 full-body treatments. You can be sure it is a safe device as it comes with FDA clearance and every part of the treatment is clinically proven.

Why Buy This Product

  • effective, and gentle
  • first results noticeable after a few sessions
  • professional IPL technology for safe at-home use

Conclusion: Which Two Professional Hair Laser Machines Are The Best And Why?

I consider that the best two professional hair laser machines are Biotechnique Avance SDL50 Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine and Remington IPL Hair Removal Device. I think the SDL50 diode laser hair removal machine is one of the most high-quality machines for professional use. The Remington IPL laser hair removes is made by famous brand and uses the professional technique that is safe to use at home.

For more details on hair removal devices, check out my other posts. In case you haven’t’ found the right model among these five professional laser hair removal machines, read my article about best at-home laser hair removal devices or about best at-home permanent hair removal machines.