Best 5 Portable Laser Hair Removal Machine IPL In 2022 Reviews

If you want to keep up with your laser hair removal routine, read this article and find out the best portable IPL hair removal for you. Get to know more about the benefits of using such a device. Read the warning tips and make sure you are allowed to use it.


What You Should Know When Buying A Portable Laser Hair Removal Machine

Who Can Use It?

Laser hair removal devices can be used by women and men. However, before buying you should know that not every model is ideal for every type of skin and every hair color. Make sure you know that before buying, otherwise, it may not be safe. The skin may get irritations or even burns.

How Do They Work?

The hair removal lasers emit pulses of laser lights that destroy the root of the hair follicles. It works best if used on light skin with dark hair. The lasers are not effective on people with hair with no melanin; grey, white, or red hair. Also, if used on dark skin, the laser may burn the skin.

Are Portable Hair Removal Devices Safe To Use?

The portable and at-home laser hair removers are not as potent as those that you will see at the professional salons. This is why they won’t provide the same results in a short time. At the same time, this makes them safer, especially if used properly and as indicated in the user manual. Before starting using it, patch-test a small area of your skin.

Which Models Are The Best?

When choosing the perfect laser hair remover, I recommend choosing trusted companies. Always read about the product in detail and check out other customers’ reviews. Don’t buy the cheapest product because in this case, quality comes with the price. Devices with the highest price often provide the best results.

5 Best Portable Laser Hair Removal Devices

Best Handheld Laser Hair Removal

Xemos silhouette portable laser hair removal

About Xemos Laser Hair Removal

The laser of this devices emits laser light that penetrates your skin. It doesn’t damage the skin. The laser light is absorbed by the pigments in the hair follicle and the heat of the light damages the follicle. This process is less painful than epilation, if not completely painless.? Sometimes you may fee a slight burning sensation. If that is your case, a local anesthetic cream is recommended.

Xemos silhouette portable laser hair removal

Small Design

The Xemos Silhouette laser hair removal is very easy to use. Its small size makes it a perfect portable device. It is convenient to carry it in your case or handbag when on a trip or traveling. It comes with a pretty basic appearance and silver finish.

Where To Use??

This handheld laser hair removal can be used on all body parts, but with caution. It can be used on your arms, armpits, legs, bikini line. If used with extra care, it can remove hair from the upper lip or chin. When and if used to treat facial hair, always avoid pointing the laser light at the eyes.

Xemos silhouette portable laser hair removal review

The Results

The effective results are visible only a few sessions after. To achieve permanent results, follow the instructions and treat your hair with caution. Most visible results are achieved on light skin with dark hair. Soon after every treatment, you will feel the soft and smoother skin because the treatment closes up the pores. The number of sessions needed depends on your skin and hair color.

Why Buy This Product

  • small size and easily portable
  • all body usage
  • effective and cheap

Best Portable Facial Hair Removal Device

Sedengu At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women

The Effective Facial Hair Removal Device

The Sedengu portable facial hair removal device comes as an effective hair remover. It uses intense pulsed light technology. This way it breaks the cycle of regrowth of hair. It is small in size and thus easy to carry with you on travel.

Sedengu At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women

Two Flash Modes

This IPL portable laser hair removal device comes with 999,999 flashes lifetime use. It features two flash modes, the manual and auto mode. Manual mode is best to use for precision areas (bikini line, underarm, chin, etc). Auto mode is best to be used on large areas (legs, back, arms, etc).

How To Use

There are 5 energy levels that, together with LED display, help you with the treatment. It is recommended to use level 1 when you are just starting with the treatment. Shave the surface hair off. Wear protection goggles, adjust the level, press the flash button to start. After the treatment, moisturize the skin with the body lotion.

Sedengu At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women review

Safe And Money-Saving

The price of this device is very reasonable. Save money on not having to go to laser hair removal treatments at the salon. This laser hair removal technology is made for safe use at home or on your travel. If used properly, you will stay safe and the skin will stay healthy.

Warning Tips

Follow the skin color and hair color chart. Don’t use it if you have light blond, red, white, or grey hair. Also, if your skin is dark brown or black and dark, don’t use the laser. It might burn your skin. Make sure you don’t use it near your eyes or tattooed or pigmented skin. Don’t use it on the moles.

Why Buy This Product

  • safe if used properly
  • easy to use
  • 5 energy levels
  • 2 operation modes

Best Full Body Portable Hair Removal Laser

ProCIV IPL Hair Removal Laser Upgraded

The Upgraded Model

The ProCIV portable hair removal laser comes with the upgraded chip. It makes energy output more stable. It provides hair removal treatments that are more effective. Unlike many other models, this device comes with 999,900 flashes which may be enough for more than 20 years of use.

ProCIV IPL Hair Removal Laser Upgraded

Safe And Approved

It is clinically proven that IPL technology that this device uses for hair removal is safe and effective. It will permanently remove hair without causing skin irritations, burns, or any pain. There are no side effects if used properly. Stay safe even at home or take it with you wherever you go.

Professional Technology

The ProCIV laser hair remover uses professional IPL technology that is similar to the one that is used at the salon. It can be used to remove all body hair such as arms, legs, stomach, or back. It can be applied to sensitive areas, but be careful when removing bikini line or underarm hair.

ProCIV IPL Hair Removal Laser Upgraded review

The Results?

The results mostly depend on your skin and hair color. The example of the effective results on dark hair and light skin looks more or less like this: the first months the heat is being absorbed by the melanin. The second month the hair starts falling off. In the third to fourth months, the permanent results are almost completely visible.

Last Details

The device features the auto and manual mode. There are 5 energy levels that you can choose from. After three to four months, use the laser once in 1 to 2 months to consolidate the effect. The price of the unit is fair and affordable to anyone.

Why Buy This Product

  • professional upgraded technology
  • durable
  • effective and affordable

Best Portable Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device

The Modern Design?

This modern and stylish BoSidin professional laser hair removal machine comes in dark green. Its easy-to-grip handle features the 180 degrees rotatable head that makes the hair removal treatment more comfortable, flexible, and easier. It is at the same time a laser and a dynamic cooling device.

BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device

Six Smart Operation Modes

The manufacturers that have designed this laser worked closely with professionals. The device is approved by the dermatologists. The BoSidin manufacturers have created a 6-modes laser hair removals. The six-light energy settings ensure effective and gentle treatment. Adjust the level that suits your skin and hair best.

Where On Body Can I Use It??

You can use it to remove almost all body hair. Use it with on the face too but avoid pointing the light in your eye. Treat women’s or men’s beard hair. Use to remove the underarm, arm, bikini line, or leg hair. Make sure not to use it on the light skin with light blonde hair color.

BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device review

Improved Energy

This device comes with the latest generation that features both laser and IPL technology. This technology creates precise pulses that penetrate hair follicles directly without affecting the surface of the skin. The pulses cause heat to build up at the root and thus suppress hair regrowth.

Important To Know

You can use this device on the face and whole body. If used on men’s facial hair, it will be effective only on a dark beard. Don’t use this on your scalp or to remove/try to shape eyebrows or anywhere near the eyes. Don’t use it on tattooed skin. Pregnant and breast-feeding women are not allowed to use the laser.

Why Buy This Product

  • modern and stylish
  • made of high-quality material
  • whole body usage

Best Portable Laser Hair Removal For Men

Fasbruy IPL Hair Remover Device for Women and Man

For Women And Men

The Fasbruy portable laser hair removal can be used to treat both women’s and men’s hair. If used on male hair, it is suggested to treat very dark hair on light skin. It can be applied to almost all body parts. It is suitable for at-home use and it is easily portable.

Fasbruy IPL Hair Remover Device for Women and Man

Safe To Use

This at-home laser hair removal is a painful and safe method of hair removal. It uses advanced IPL hair removal technology. If used correctly and as indicated in the user manual and hair and skin color chart, it will be as safe as effective. It will improve the feel of your skin. It will leave permanent results in only three months.

Five Energy Levels

The five energy levels allow you to choose the perfect level for your skin and hair. Adjust it to level 1 when using it for the first time. This way your skin will get used to the device and flashes. Also, there are the manual and auto modes that will gently work on different hair removal parts. Stay careful when using it on delicate and sensitive body parts. Keep it away from your eyes.

Fasbruy IPL Hair Remover Device for Women and Man review

Technical Characteristics

This Fasbruy IPL laser hair removal comes with 999,999 flashes which are enough for the unit to provide treatments for up to 25 years. It comes with the upgraded chip that makes the hair removal more effective and helps to achieve permanent results faster than many other models. The cost is fair and the quality is good.

Why Buy This Product

  • reasonable price
  • durable device
  • safe and effective

Conclusion: Which Two Portable IPL Laser Hair Removal Machines Are The Best?

In my opinion, these two products are the best out of the five listed ones: BoSidin Hair Removal Device and Fasbruy IPL Hair Remover Device for Women and Man. The BoSidin laser remover is of high quality, modern, and very effective. The Fasbruy model can be used to treat men’s hair too.

In case you are interested in knowing more about devices for hair removal, check out my article about the best hair removal machines. If you want to look for another hair removal device model, read my posts about the best facial hair removal device or the best at-home laser hair removal.