Best 5 Painless Epilators For Hair Removal In 2022 Reviews

You are sensitive to pain and you want to remove body hair?

Is your best solution to get a painless hair removal device?

In this article, I present you 5 best painless epilators for hair removal. Check them out and read all the important details. Find out the price and get the best model for you.


Benefits Of Painless Hair Removal Devices

Can The Epilation Really Be Less Painful?

The epilators use rotating tweezer-like heads that remove hair from the root. This is why the first few times of removing hair with an epilator may be more painful. If used frequently, the epilation becomes less painful and the hairs become thinner and finer.

Results Will Last

Since epilators remove hair from the root, the results may last for up to a month. Some models of epilators come with additional massage brushes and detachable heads that can make your skin look smooth and soft.? Also, epilators can prevent ingrown hairs. They are an ideal depilation method for women with sensitive skin.

They Are Money-Saving

The epilators are usually very affordable. There are many models with all types of features. Once you get the best epilator and get used to it, you will save money on other shaving supplies. Don’t be afraid to give an extra penny on such an effective device.

Which Body Parts Can I Epilate?

Theoretically, you can epilate every part of your body. But not all the epilators are designed for extra sensitive areas such as face or armpits. Epilating facial skin with an epilator that is not exclusively rated for such a use may cause irritation and it can be painful. Choose the model that meets all your needs.

How To Maintain It?

The epilators are very simple to maintain. Some models are 100% waterproof which means that you can wash them under running water. The ones that are not waterproof come with the detachable heads that can easily be washed as well.

5 Best Painless Epilators On The Market

Best Painless Epilator For Facial Hair Removal

Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover

What Is A Flawless Hair Remover??

The Flawless hair remover by Finish Touch is a device that removes hairs painlessly and without irritation. It is an ideal device for sensitive skin. Unlike waxing, tweezing, or removing hair with a laser, this beauty device uses a special technology that microscopically removes unwanted hair.

Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover

Looks Like A Lipstick

This Flawless facial hair removal by Finishing Touch is designed to look like a regular lipstick. The designers have created this device to be discreet and easily portable. It comes as an 18K gold-plated beauty device. Choose the color you like most: Rose Gold, Blush, Coral, Crystal Pink, Lavender, Mermaid, or Parisian Blue.

How Does It Work?

This device is the most painless epilator for facial hair removal. It comes with the smart light that will make every thin and hard-to-see hair more visible. It removes the hair with its spinning microscopic technology that sweeps away hair of any length.

Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover review

Benefits Of Facial Epilator

This Flawless epilator for facial hair removal can be used every day. It is dermatologically tested and approved to be safe and harmless. By using it, the hair won’t grow back faster than usual. It creates no irritation or cuts. It won’t make your skin red or burnt.

Last Few Details?

This device requires 1 AA battery. The first one is included in the package. This facial hair removal is lightweight and easily portable. It can be used on your chin, cheeks, lip. It removes peach fuzz which makes it easier to apply makeup.

Why Buy This Product

  • Dermatologist approved
  • Safe on all skin types
  • Easy to clean
  • Discreet and portable

Best Hair Remover To Epilate Bikini Line Painlessly

Braun Epilator For Women Silk-épil 5 5-810

About Silk-épil 5 5-810

This Braun model is a great beauty hair removal device. It is ideal for beginners and for the epilation of bikini line It comes with a beginner cap. It provides gentle hair removal. It comes with 28 tweezers for extra short hair removal. It adapts to every body part. It reaches even difficult areas.

Braun Epilator For Women Silk-épil 5 5-810

Extra Gentle?

If you are a beginner, the first epilation might scare you. Luckily, this Braun model features a setting for gentle hair removal. With the use of water, you can reduce the pain. Use this setting for removing hairs in the sensitive areas and epilate bikini line painlessly.

Trimmer And Razor?

This hair removal device by Braun features a trimmer and a razor for shaving. In case you need to shave a certain part of your body, to shave head will turn this device into a functional shaver. With the trimmer cap, you can trim your hair.

Braun Epilator For Women Silk-épil 5 5-810 review

Package Includes

This unit comes with four interchangeable heads. Apart from one main epilator head, trimmer and razor heads, this Braun hair removal device also features a high-frequency massage cap. This cap will help you distract from the process. Also includes a beginner cap, bikini styler, cleaning brush, and a charger.

Speed And Use

The Braun Silk-épil 5 5-810 model comes with a dual-speed. The speed one is for the extra gentle hair removal. Speed two is for the most efficient and quick hair removal. This epilator is waterproof. Use it for the dry epilation or wet epilation under the shower or in a bathtub.

Why Buy This Product

  • Epilates bikini line painlessly
  • Waterproof
  • Beginner cap
  • Affordable

Best Painless Epilator For Face And Body

E-Conoro Painless Epilator Hair Removal

Epilator For Face And Body

This E-CONORO epilator for face and body hair removal comes with 30 tweezers that rapidly and effectively remove unwanted hair from roots. It is a full-body epilator. After frequent use, it makes the epilation less painful. It is affordable and lightweight.

E-Conoro Painless Epilator Hair Removal

Painless Epilator Hair Removal

After a few times of using the epilator, the hair removal becomes much less painful. It is suggested to exfoliate the skin before usage. This will prevent ingrown hairs. Depending on the person, the results of the epilation may last from 2 to up to 4 weeks.

Wet & Dry Use

Thanks to the waterproof feature of this epilator for face and body, you can remove hair from the bathtub or shower. It is easy to clean it after use. The unit is completely washable under running water. If you feel more comfortable with dry epilation, you can do so as well.

E-Conoro Painless Epilator Hair Removal review

The Speed

The dual-speed of this epilator makes the epilation easier. When you are removing hairs from sensitive areas, use the slow speed setting to make sure the process feels more painless. When epilating larger areas, such as legs, use the fast speed setting and remove hair quickly and efficiently.

The Head Design And Smart Light

The neck of this hair removal device comes with a floating part that can be rotated. This feature makes the device fit the curve of the body line and helps with epilating the areas that are difficult to reach. The smart LED light will help you to see tiny hair clearly.

Why Buy This Product

  • Dual speed
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable

Best Painless Mini Eyebrow Epilator

Bamoer Eyebrow Hair Remover

The Multiple Use

This Bamoer mini eyebrow epilator comes as a hair remover and shaper for your brows. The use is not limited to eyebrows. You can also use this beauty device for removing other unwanted hairs, such as the nose hairs, lip, cheeks, chin, or underarms. Optionally, you can use it to supplement bikini lines.

Bamoer Eyebrow Hair Remover

Safe And Easy To use

The blades that this small eyebrow epilator uses for removing hair are made of stainless steel. They perfectly shave the hairs and don’t cause any pulls. They do not irritate your skin and are gentle on all skin types. This perfect eyebrow epilator is completely safe to use.

How To Clean

This unit is not waterproof so prevent the water from entering. Do not wash the whole unit under running water. Instead, remove the detachable cutting head that you use for the hair removal and rinse it under the tap after each use. Keep it cleaner with the included cleaning brush.

Bamoer Eyebrow Hair Remover review

The Special Features

This hair remover epilator comes with a dual-edge blade that has a rotating cutting system. It features the LED smart light that will help you see the thinner hairs. It is USB rechargeable so you can carry it with you anywhere. It is stylish and looks like a lipstick.

Affordable And Portable

This Bamoer small hair remover device is a portable eyebrow epilator that you can take with you every day. Its design is discreet so it won’t be noticeable that you have a hair remover in your bag. It is affordable and durable.

Why Buy This Product

  • Best painless eyebrow epilator
  • LED smart light
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable

Best Painless Epilator For Face

MOULEI Electric Facial Hair Epilator For Women

Facial Hair Removal?

The Moulei epilator is a small hair remover that comes in pink. It is easily portable and it looks stylish. It comes with a multifunctional purpose. It removes hair from your lips, cheeks, and chin. Also, it can help with removing hair from arms and legs. It is a painless epilator for facial hair.

MOULEI Electric Facial Hair Epilator For Women

How It Works

This hair remover by Moulei is designed to remove hair with its precise dual blades and high-speed motor. The blades cut your hair rapidly, effectively, and precisely. They don’t pull your skin. This unit is completely painless. It does not pull out the hairs. The whole process is less painful than with other epilators.

The Operating Technology

This unit operates quietly. Its 3D floating knife head will protect even an extra sensitive skin. The floating knife head matches all kinds of skin types. It ensures that your skin remains smooth and soft after every use.

MOULEI Electric Facial Hair Epilator For Women review

The Skin Care

Before using this facial hair remover, it is suggested you exfoliate your skin. After the use, apply body lotion or cream for sensitive skin. This way you will prevent ingrown hairs. This beauty device will remove even the smallest peach fuzz so you can apply the make-up evenly.

How To Clean?

This Moulei device is easy to maintain. It comes with a waterproof design. You can even use it in the shower. You can rinse the whole device under running water, or simply detach the head and wash the hairs away easily.

Why Buy This Product

  • Waterproof
  • Cheap
  • Painless
  • Portable

Conclusion: Which Two Painless Epilators For Hair Removal Are Most Painless?

In my opinion, the two best painless epilators for hair removal are Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover and Bamoer Eyebrow Hair Remover. The Flawless hair remover is a stylish device that is safe to use every day. Bamoer model will shape your eyebrows and remove other facial hair easily.

If you want to read more about the epilators in general, check out this article about the best epilators. In case you want to know more about other models, read more about the best epilator for face or about the eyebrow epilators.