Best 5 IPL Laser Hair Removal Handsets To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Do you want a laser hair removal handset?

When buying an IPL laser hair removal handset, it is best to check if a certain model is good for you or not.

In this article, I discuss the benefits and side effects of using such devices. You will also find the 5 best laser hair removal handset models.


What To Know Before Buying An IPL Hair Removal Handset?

What Are Laser Hair Removers And Who Can Use Them?

Laser hair removers are devices that permanently reduce hair growth. Under permanently, it is meant long-term. Such devices emit pulsating lights into the root of the hair and damage it. Women and men (with lighter skin) older than 18+ can use laser hair removers.

How To Safely Use A Laser Hair Removal Machine?

First of all, you should know that these machines work best on light skin and dark hair. Before buying, see the skin and hair color chart of each model you are interested in. Some models are suitable for a wide range of skin and hair colors. Always use the device on shaved skin.

Benefits And Results

The good sides of using such devices are the long-term results. The hair growth is significantly reduced. Some people may experience a complete reduction in hair growth, while others need to repeat treatments now and then to maintain the smooth skin.

Possible Side Effects

If you don’t use the device as indicated in the user manual, you can end up with irritation, burns, crustings, or eye injuries. Remember, most of the laser hair machines are not suitable to use on dark skin. Also, they are not effective on light blond, red, white, or grey hair.

Where To Buy?

All of the listed models of IPL hair removal handsets can be purchased on the Amazon website. Read my reviews and check customers’ satisfaction with the product. Remember that a low-quality and cheap laser hair removers might as well be ineffective or create possible side effects.

5 Best IPL Hair Removal Handset Reviews

Best Home Laser Hair Removal Handset System

LOVE DOCK IPL Hair Removal System

The IPL Hair Removal

The Love Dock home laser hair removal handset uses the clinically proven Intense Pulsed Light hair removal technology. It emits strong pulses that are absorbed by hair follicle melanin. The light damages the follicle and this is how a permanent reduction in hair growth is achieved.

LOVE DOCK IPL Hair Removal System

Painless And Effective

The hair removal with this handset system is painless if you use it correctly, which means on shaved skin. After a month, a large number of users have noticed that 75% of hair growth was inhibited. The hair that grew back, grew finer, and thinner. After another month, 95% of hair growth was inhibited. After 12 weeks, no more regular treatments are required.

Adjustable Energy Levels And Operation Modes

This laser hair remover features 5 adjustable flash levels. It is suggested to choose level 1 when beginning with treatments. This way your body will slowly get used to the flashes. There are two operation modes, auto, and manual. Choose the manual mode and level 1 when treating delicate areas.

LOVE DOCK IPL Hair Removal System review

Warning Tips

Always use the laser hair remover on clean and shaved skin. Don’t use it near your eyes. Don’t use it over the moles, damaged or tattooed skin. Check the skin and hair color chart before starting with treatments. Don’t use it on eyebrows or genital area.

What Comes In The Package

The package contains the main laser hair remover with HR head, one cold compress head, one AD adapter, safety goggles, one shaver, and a user manual. The price of the device is medium. The general impression of the users is high.

Why Buy This Product

  • IPL clinically-proven hair removal technology
  • 5 energy levels and 2 operation modes
  • effective and long-term results

Best Facial Hair Laser Hair Removal Handset Device

BAIVON Facial Hair Removal System Painless Professional?

About Baivon Facial Hair Laser Remover

The Baivon facial hair remover is designed for a safe at-home laser hair removal. It is money and time-saving. Once you get this hair removal device, you won’t have to pay for the expensive treatments at the salon. It comes with safety goggles, a razor, and a user manual with the instructions.

BAIVON Facial Hair Removal System Painless Professional

Permanent Results

The Baivon hair remover uses the latest IPL technology. This way, it gently and painlessly reduces hair growth. The first results are seen after about three weeks. After two-three months, you will see that 95% of the hair from the treated area was completely inhibited. Repeat the process now and then to maintain the results. Read more in the user manual.

Energy Levels

Another model that features 5 adjustable energy flash levels. Select level 1 when using the hair remover for the first time. Also, when you are treating facial hair and other delicate body parts, always use level 1. After you have gotten used to the machine, select higher levels if treating large body parts (legs, stomach, etc).

BAIVON Facial Hair Removal System Painless Professional review

Flash Modes And Where To Use

There are 2 operation modes that you can choose from. The manual mode is ideal for treating a small area such as bikini line, armpit, fingers, upper lip. Select the automatic mode when removing hair from larger body parts such as arms, legs, back, chest, or stomach.

Durable And Lightweight

This Baivon hair remover is a durable and lightweight device. It is long-lasting. It should last for at least 10 years on full-body treatments. It is easy to take it with you on travels and keep up with your routine. The overall dimensions are 5.71*2.75*1.37 inches.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable price
  • long-lasting results
  • ideal for facial hair removal

Best Laser Hair Removal Handset For Men And Women

Lovcoyo IPL Hair Removal System For Men And Women

At-Home Use

The Lovcoyo hair removal machine uses IPL technology for safer at-home use. If used correctly, it will provide painless and effective results, similar to those from the salon. Instead of paying for hair removal treatments and spending time, use this laser hair remover at home to get rid of unwanted hair.

Lovcoyo IPL Hair Removal System For Men And Women

Where On Body To Use

The Lovcoyo IPL hair removal system is suitable for reducing men’s and women’s hair growth. It can be used on all body parts, including the face. However, never use it near the eyes and prevent pointing it to your eyes. Reduce hair growth on upper lip, arms, chest, back, stomach, bikini line, and legs.

How To Use

Before starting, read the user manual with the instructions. Clean and shave the area you want to treat. Wear safety goggles. Connect the power cord. Choose the flash level and start with emitting the light. After the treatment, moisturize the skin with hydrating body lotion.

Lovcoyo IPL Hair Removal System For Men And Women review

Switchable Flash Modes

Just like with the previous two models, the Lovcoyo IPL hair remover comes with 2 flash modes. The manual and automatic. Choose the manual mode when treating the detail area such as the upper lip, armpit, or bikini line. When treating large areas, choose the automatic mode.

Technical Specifications

This IPL hair remover comes with a high number of flashes – 500,000. This means you won’t have to replace the device with another one after a few years of usage. This number of flashes should be enough for 10 years. The power voltage is 100v – 240v. Item weight is 8.8.oz.

Why Buy This Product

  • lightweight and long-lasting
  • safe to use at home
  • suitable for men and women

Best Full Body Laser Hair Removal Handset

SYOSIN Painless IPL Face And Body Hair Remover

About Syosin Full Body Laser Hair Removal

The Syosin hair removal machine is suitable for use on almost all body parts. It features the IPL technology to break the cycle of regrowth of hair. It provides long-term results in three months. It is an affordable machine with a high number of flashes (400,000).

SYOSIN Painless IPL Face And Body Hair Remover

Safe For Your Skin

If used as indicated in the manual, this IPL hair remover is 100%. It features the UV filter to protect you from the light intensity. The safety goggles are included in the package to protect your eye. Also, this laser is pain-free and hypoallergenic.

The Energy Flash Levels And Modes

This Syosin IPL hair remover features two operation modes, the automatic and manual mode. It comes with 5 energy flash levels. Level 1 is used at the beginning of treatments for your body to get used to it. It is also used when treating delicate areas. After you get used to the flashes, you can gradually select upper levels.

SYOSIN Painless IPL Face And Body Hair Remover review

Who Can Use It And Where

This IPL hair remover is suitable for men and women. It is best to use it on light skin and dark hair. It is not recommended to use it on dark-brown or black skin. It may seriously damage the skin. It is not effective on red, white, or grey hair. Use it on all body parts except for the area near the eyes and on the genital area.

What Is Included In The Package

The package contains one hair remover, one AC power adapter, one safety glasses, and a user manual. The cost of the package is affordable. Check online availability, free shipping, or other special offers.

Why Buy This Product

  • the high number of flashes
  • safe if used properly
  • suitable for men and women

Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal Handset

MEIYIXIN Laser Hair Removal Flashes Upgrade YX-C001

About Meiyixin Laser Hair Removal Handset

The Meiyixin handset IPL hair removal uses the safe and clinically proven hair growth reduction method. It features the built-in upgrade ice compress plate that is located on the laser lamp holder. It forms 41 degrees cooling protective layer. It protects the skin surface during the treatment.

MEIYIXIN Laser Hair Removal Flashes Upgrade YX-C001

Efficient And Painless

The cooling protective layer reduces swellings and pain. The treatments may feel completely painless. This laser makes the treatment safe to do at home. The results are long-term and effective. The first results are visible after 4-5 treatments. With each treatment, the hair density is reduced.

High Number Of Flashes

Thanks to the high number of flashes (500,000), this laser hair removal will last you a long time. You will be able to use this machine for 10-15 years. This laser remover comes with a non-removable lamp head. It prevents leakage.

MEIYIXIN Laser Hair Removal Flashes Upgrade YX-C001 review

Five Adjustable Energy Levels

To make you feel safer, this laser hair machine features 5 energy flash levels too. It is ideal for use on sensitive skin or for people who cannot bear the pain. After your body gets used to the flashes, you can gradually switch to higher levels.

What Is In The Package??

The package contains one ice-cooling laser hair removal handset device, safety glasses, a shaver, aloe gel, an AC adapter, and a user manual. The price is reasonable and the product is long-lasting.

Why Buy This Product

  • reasonable price
  • ice-cooling laser hair machine
  • adjustable energy levels

Conclusion: Which Two Hair Removal Handsets Are The Best?

I, personally, consider that out of these five models, LOVE DOCK IPL Hair Removal System and Lovcoyo IPL Hair Removal System For Men And Women are the best. The Love Dock model is safe, of high-quality, and users are highly satisfied with it. The Lovcoyo model is suitable for both men and women.

Before buying a permanent hair removal device, make sure to learn all details about a certain model. Home hair removal devices are generally effective and safe if used correctly. At-home laser hair removals can be as effective as those from the salon.