Best 5 Intense Light Pulsed Light Hair Removal In 2022 Reviews

If you want to get a laser light hair removal, check out this article. I have explored the online market and found the best intense pulsed light hair removal models. See the benefits of using such a product and decide if one of these models is the right for you.


What To Know Before Getting A Laser For Light Hair Removal?

How Does A Light-Laser Work?

Lasers for permanent hair removal emit wavelengths of light. The energy from the light emitted is transmitted to the skin and melanin (hair pigment) which destroys the hair cells. The skin contains melanin too, so before the treatment, people must shave all hair from the area they want to use the laser on.

How To Prepare?

As mentioned above, before using the light laser, you should shave that area. If you don’t, the laser will react with hair and if it does, it may cause damage or create irritation. Also, you will feel the burnt hair smell. The same thing works with make-up. Use the laser of the clean and shaved skin always.

What To Do After The Treatment?

After the treatment, which is by the way very quick, you should avoid saunas, hot showers, or any artificial light. The warm environment and artificial light provide an ideal environment for the multiplication of bacteria.

Will The Light-Laser Remove My Hair Permanently?

The permanent removal of your hair depends on the individual’s density and color of it. The treatments may reduce the density or remove completely your hair. It depends on the color of your skin and hair, the thickness of the hair, and the quality of the light-laser you are using.

Will The Laser Remove The Light Hair Growth?

The lasers are made to remove dark hair from the light skin. Only a few laser hair removers are suitable for reducing light-hair growth. Before buying a laser that supposedly removes light hair, read the reviews, and check every detail about the product. Remember, grey hairs have no melanin, so the laser for such hair doesn’t exist. Also, the listed models are not suitable for light blonde hair removal.

5 Best Laser Hair Removal For Light Hair

Best Intense Pulsed Light Face Hair Removal Laser

braun silk expert 5 intense pulsed light

About Braun Silk Expert Laser Hair Removal

The Braun Silk hair removal laser was inspired by professional salons. It was approved by dermatologists and it was clinically tested for permanent hair reduction.? It is designed to remove hair from the face and body. It is a high-quality product and the price is high too.

braun silk expert 5 intense pulsed light

Precise Treatments

The treatments are quick and effective. This Braun laser fastly removes hair from large areas such as legs or arms. It is safe to use on delicate parts too. It comes with the precision mode that helps you with removing thinner hair such as those from the upper lip.? The treatments last a maximum of 8 minutes.

Technical Details

With its more than 20,000 flashes, this Braun laser hair remover provides long-lasting full-body treatments for up to 15 years. It is safe to use without safety glasses. This Braun laser hair remover features the SensoAdapt skin tone sensor. The sensor reads your skin tone 80 times per second. It automatically adapts the light intensity that is the best for your skin.

braun silk expert 5 intense pulsed light review

The Results On Different Colors Of Hair

The results are not as effective on very blonde, white, or grey hair. The results are visible on light to medium skin tones. The laser is the most effective for hair color that ranges from natural blonde to dark brown or black. The treatments on light skin and dark hair work the best and the results last the longest. Don’t use it on dark skin. It may create burns.

Why Buy This Product

  • fast and effective
  • long-lasting results
  • dermatologically approved

Best Intense Pulsed Cheap Light Hair Removal Laser

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Beauty Device series 3 plus

General Details

The Deess cheap light hair removal comes with the light that reduces hair growth by up to 90%. The results are similar to those provided by spa and beauty salons. It is designed for easy at-home use. It is safe on your skin if used properly and as indicated in the user manual.

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Beauty Device series 3 plus

Technical Characteristics Of Deess Laser Hair Removal

This cheap laser features the intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. It is weight light and small and ideal to use at home. It comes with a detachable lamp. Additional skin rejuvenation or acne lamps may be purchased separately. The Deess light laser produces 25 flashes per minute and requires about 8-10 minutes to treat a leg or arm.

The Results

Each lamp of this laser features about 350,000 flashes which is enough for 3 years’ lifespan. The results after the treatment may last up to 15 years. It depends on the skin and hair color of the person. This laser light hair removal provides the best results on dark hair and light skin. It is a decent device for light hair color (not blonde light).

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Beauty Device series 3 plus review

How To Use It?

First of all, shave hair before every treatment. Use goggles during the process. Power on the unit and adjust the level. Start with the treatment by putting the device window to your skin properly and click the button to flash after all lights have turned gree. Follow the treatment schedule you will find with the instructions.

Why Buy This Product

  • cheaper than other listed models
  • comes with goggles
  • additional skin-care lamps may be purchased

Best Intense Pulsed Light Full Body Hair Removal Laser

lescolton home pulsed light

Five Energy Levels

There are 5 energy levels that this Lescolton full body hair removal laser features. Choose the level according to your needs and hair density. It is recommended to start with level 1 when you are just beginning with the hair removal. The unit may be applied both to women’s and men’s hair.

lescolton home pulsed light

The Operation Modes And Detachable Heads

Two operation modes come with two different detachable heads. The head for the hair removal works efficiently and this laser provides better results by 30%. There is the rejuvenation lamp that can be attached to the main unit and it enhances skin smoothness.

Safe To Use

This Lescolton laser hair removal is safe to use on the skin if used correctly. It doesn’t irritate your skin. Make sure to use if on shaved skin. It includes a pair of safety goggles that protect your eyes. It creates no side-effects. Hair removal is painless and fast.

lescolton home pulsed light review

Easy To Use On Whole Body?

This Lescolton laser hair removal can be used on the whole body. It is very simple to use it and the treatment of the whole body is done in less than 30 minutes. It can be used on arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back, and chest. It is suitable for men and women.

Long-Term Results

The Lescolton Pro laser for light hair provides ideal results in about 8 weeks. It precisely targets the melanin in hair follicles and effectively disables hair regrowth. If uses correctly and repeatedly, it results in permanent hair removal. See the hair and skin color chart to decide if this light hair remover is for you.

Why Buy This Product

  • results visible after about 2 months
  • no irritations
  • 5 energy levels

Best Intense Pulsed Professional Laser Light Hair Removal Machine

e-light laser hair removal

About E-Light Laser Hair Removal Machine

This E-Light hair removal comes as a machine for commercial use. It helps to remove unwanted hair from all body parts. It also makes the skin get better. It is used for treating the red face, pimples, acne, allergic ace, acne mark, comedo, and whelk. The overall size is 20.9 x 20.9 x 49.2 inches

e-light laser hair removal

Where Does It Remove Hair From??

Permanent hair removal treatment can be applied to almost all body parts. It removes hair from armpits, limbs, and beards. This machine is safe and painless and doesn’t require the use of anesthesia. The uses may feel a slight heat sensation only.

Is It Safe??

Unlike some other conventional IPL machine laser hair removals, the E-Light machine is safer to use. It provides more positive and fewer side-effects. The treatments last shorter (about 20-30 minutes) and are more comfortable. It creates no irritations, wounds, burns. The machine comes with safety glasses and an eye-shield for customers.

e-light laser hair removal review

It Is Effective

The E-Light laser hair removal machine permanently removes hair. It is 10x more efficient than other methods of hair removal. It works best on light skin and dark hair. The parameters can be set within the pain tolerance of customers. It is effective in removing freckles, sunburns, age pigment, wrinkles, and skin whitening.

What Is Included And Price

The package includes the laser hair removal machine, protective glasses, customers’ eyeshield, filter, power line, water feed funnel, and gel. Since we are talking about the machine for commercial use, the price is reasonable for such a unit.

Why Buy This Product

  • permanent hair removal
  • skin rejuvenation
  • safe and shorter treatments

Best Permanent Hair Removal For Light Hair

xiaohuozi home pulsed light hair removal

General Characteristics?

The Xiaohuozi home pulsed light hair removal comes as an IPL light hair removal. It operates gently and is perfect for beginners. It can be used to treat all body parts, from face to bikini line. It works on a wide variety of hair and skin types. Its price is fair.

xiaohuozi home pulsed light hair removal

The Design

This laser comes with a classic white design with purple sides. The handle easily fits in your hand. On the central part of the handle, there is the flash trigger. Above the trigger, you will find the power button and gear adjustment. On the top, there is the lamp head area with intelligent detection of skin tone.

The Operation Modes And Levels

There are 5 energy levels. Each adapts to a different skin type. The beginners are advised to start from level 1 and slowly get used to the flashes. Choose between the two modes. The manual mode is used for delicate and small area hair removal (bikini line, lips, etc) and the auto mode for hair removal from large areas (legs, arms, stomach, etc).

xiaohuozi home pulsed light hair removal review

Operates Safely

This hair removal laser maintains the skin surface temperature between 32 – 41 degrees. It is easy and safe to operate. Turn on the ice mode and enjoy the cooling care too. The treatments are clinically and dermatologically approved to be safe on the skin.

The Expected Results

The first real results are visible after only 2 months of proper use. If you compare this hair removal method with waxing or epilation, this laser is painless and provides more permanent solutions for excess hair elimination.

Why Buy This Product

  • safe
  • 5 energy levels
  • 2 operation modes
  • affordable and effective

Conclusion: Which Two Lasers For Light Hair Are The Best?

Among these five models of lasers for light hair, I consider the Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL and Lescolton Home Pulsed Light the best. I liked the Braun model because it has been inspired by professional salon treatments and was dermatologically tested. The Lescolton model has 5 energy level models and is gentle for beginners.

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