Best Hair Removal Laser Pen For Face & Body In 2022 Reviews

In case you are looking for the best hair removal laser pen, see this article. I have reviewed the best hair removal laser pen for face and body that you will find available online. Keep on reading and see if this model is the right for you.


What To Know About A Laser Hair Pen?

They Are Small And Compact

The laser hair pens are generally small in size. They come as discreet and compact devices. They are usually the size of a lipstick or mascara. This all means that you can easily take them with you on a trip or travel. Keep up with your hair removal routine and carry it in your handbag or cosmetics bag.

They Provide Long-Term Results

The laser hair removals that are pen-shaped work on the same principle as the large laser hair removers do. They feature the laser that emits light that penetrates deep inside your skin until it reaches the root of the hair. The light damages the hair follicle and after a while reduces hair growth. The pen lasers are suitable for use on the face or detail and delicate areas.

They Are Money And Time Saving

Unlike other permanent treatments that you can get at the beauty centers or salons, the laser pen will save you both time and money. You won’t have to make appointments and go to the salons anymore. Also, once you purchase such a device, you will be able to do the treatments anytime and anywhere. If used properly, they are safe and you will feel more comfortable staying in your home during the self-treatments.

Where Can You Get It?

The pen facial hair removers are available in your nearest Walmart or Costco. However, there are also many models available online. The model that I reviewed in this article is available on I prefer ordering such products on because Amazon is a reliable online retailer and I can check other users’ reviews before buying.

The Best Hair Removal Laser Pen

Epilady Epilaser Absolute Laser Stylus Pen

Painless And Easy Use

Laser hair removal is a generally painless and comfortable way of reducing hair growth. The Epilady Epilaser is just like that. If used properly and as indicated in the user manual, it will leave the skin soft and without irritations. It is very easy to use and does not leave you with side effects.

Epilady Epilaser Absolute Laser Stylus Pen

Where Can I Apply It?

This pen laser uses the advanced infrared laser technology that is safe to use on the face. Unlike waxing and shaving, this laser will gently remove unwanted facial hair. Don’t point it to your eyes or use it near the eyebrows. It is suitable for removing the upper lip, cheek, and chin hair.

Portable And Compact

Thanks to the rechargeable battery that this little device features, this pen hair laser is easily portable. It charges fully in 30 minutes, or even less. It is charged with a USB cable that comes included in the package. Take it with you anywhere and enjoy its cordless use.

Epilady Epilaser Absolute Laser Stylus Pen review

Long-Term Results

If used correctly and as indicated within instructions, the effective results will be visible after a few sessions. This pen will not only reduce hair growth, but it will soften your skin too. Use it on light skin color and dark hair color. See the chart before buying the product.

What Is Included In The Package?

The package includes the main laser pen hair removal,? USB charging cable, carrying case, and a user manual. The price of this pen hair removal is not low, but it is a reasonable price for a durable unit that provides long-term results.

Why Buy This Product

  • long-term results
  • gentle on sensitive skin
  • rechargeable battery
  • portable, small, and compact

Conclusion: Why Should You Get This Hair Removal Laser Pen?

I consider that the Epilady Epilaser Absolute Laser Stylus Pen is of high quality. Once purchased, this pen hair remover will last you a long time. Moreover, its small size makes it perfect for taking it with you on a trip and maintaining your hair-removal routine whenever it is necessary.

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