Best 5 Hair Removal Laser Machine For Men Reviews In 2022

If you are a man and are looking for the best hair removal device, why not try a hair removal laser machine for men?

Not only women are looking for the perfect hair removal method. In this article, I have listed and reviews the 5 best hair removal lasers for men. Check them out.


Why Should Men Use The Laser Hair Removal Machine?

It Is An Effective Hair Removal Method

Not every hair removal method is effective enough to be permanent, except for the laser hair removal one. The laser hair removers emit pulsating lights that penetrate the hair root. Once absorbed, the light damages the hair root and stops hair from growing for a long-term period.

Difference Between Laser For Men And Women

All laser hair removers are suitable for women, but not all are suitable for men. The reason for that is the fact that men have more so-called terminal hair than women. Terminal hair is harder to remove and not every model of hair laser can do that. Male IPL hair removal machines feature more powerful technology for reducing hair growth.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Usually, a regular IPL men’s hair removal machine is most effective on light skin and dark hair. The greater the contrast between the pigment of the skin and the hair, the better the results. Also, white, grey, red, and blonde hair have no natural pigment melanin (which is destroyed by the laser light). These hair colors are hard or impossible to remove by many IPL lasers. IPL lasers may harm people with dark skin tones.

Where To Buy

The below-listed models are all available on the Amazon website. I always suggest my readers buy products on their website. I find Amazon a reliable online retailer. Also, I always get to read customers’ reviews before buying a certain product and this helps with making up my mind.

5 Best Hair Removal Lasers For Men

Best Laser Hair Removal Male Full Body

IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men by Amzgirl

IPL Hair Growth Reduction

This laser hair removal machine for men uses the newest IPL technology for breaking the cycle of hair regrowth. IPL stands for Intensive Pulsed Light which means that the laser emits pulsating lights that penetrate your skin. The lights get absorbed by the hair root. The root gets damaged and the hair stops growing.

IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men by Amzgirl

The Treatments And Results

The treatments with laser hair removers are not as close as painful as waxing or epilating. Sometimes, you may feel a slight burning sensation, but the treatments are generally painless. The results depend on your situation. In most men, more than 95% of hair reduction will be achieved after about 2 – 3 months of regular treatments.

Ice Cooling Technology

To provide 100% painless treatments, this laser hair machine features the ice cooling technology. If you don’t want to feel any burning sensations at all, use this feature. It will calm down your skin and relieve redness. It will provide comfortable and easy at-home treatments.

IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men by Amzgirl review

Multi-Purpose Laser Device

Two different lamp heads are used for treating different body parts. There is a small lamp head that can be used to reduce the hair growth from the facial area (not the area near the eyes), armpits, or bikini line. The other lamp head is used for larger areas, such as limbs, back, or stomach.

Operation Modes

Two flash modes will help you choose automatic or manual use. The automatic mode will help you use this laser on larger body parts and will help with the faster and more effective treatments. The manual mode is safer to use on more delicate body parts. The 5 flash energy settings ensure gentle and effective treatments.

Why Buy This Product

  • features ice cooling technology
  • two lamps
  • 5 energy settings and two modes

Best Laser Hair Removal Men’s Face

LUBEX Permanent Painless Laser Hair Remover System

High Number Of Flashes

This Lubex laser hair removal for men’s face comes with 999,999 flashes. The high number ensures long durability and effective treatments. This IPL laser hair remover is suitable for men and women. You can share the device with a family member.

LUBEX Permanent Painless Laser Hair Remover System

Painless Treatments With Adjustable Settings

There are 5 energy settings. Choose the level of the flashes that best meets your needs. When just beginning with treatments, select level 1. This will give your body time to get used to the new way of removing hair. Gradually select higher levels. Don’t rush and try to fasten the results. It might be harmful.

Facial Hair Reduction And Skin Rejuvenation

This Lubex laser hair remover operates gently. It is ideal to use on the face and to remove the upper lip, beard, chin, cheek, and neck hair. It features the skin rejuvenation feature which may be a helpful feature both to men and women.

LUBEX Permanent Painless Laser Hair Remover System review

Pre-Use And After-Use

Before using it for the first time, do the skin-testing on a small area of skin 12 hours in advance to check for possible side effects. If everything is okay, read the instructions within the user manual. Use the laser on clean and shaved skin. After the treatments, moisturize the skin with the body lotion.

Safety Tips

Always wear safety glasses during the treatments. Don’t ever look directly into the flash window. Don’t use it on damaged or tattooed skin. Also, it is not advisable to use it on tanned skin or over the moles.

Why Buy This Product

  • the high number of flashes
  • ideal for facial hair removal
  • suitable for men and women
  • suitable for use on other sensitive areas

Best Laser Hair Removal Men’s Back

Bosidin Hair Removal for Women and Men

Small, Compact, And Lightweight

The Bosidin hair removal laser for men and women is a small and easy-to-use device. It is gentle and doesn’t harm the first-time-users’ skin. It comes in an interesting dark green design and as an easy-to-grip device.

BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device

Professional Treatments

The advanced IPL hair removal method that this hair laser comes with will make the hair removal easier and effective. It is clinically proven to be safe and effective on both women’s and men’s hair.

Special CDC System

CDC stands for a dynamic cooling device which means that this model produces a cooling sensation on your skin before flashing starts. That makes the entire treatment less painful and safer for your skin, especially on sensitive parts of your body.

BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device review

Where Can I Use It??

The IPL men’s hair removal machine is perfect for whole-body use. It operates gently on sensitive body parts – upper lip, cheek, neck, underarms, bikini line. It is fast and effective on large body parts such as arms, legs, stomach, and men’s back.

Quality Vs. Price

This laser for men’s and women’s hair removal is made of high-quality materials. It is made by the professional manufacturer and has passed strict controls to confidently guarantee top quality and effective results.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable and of top-quality materials
  • suitable for men and women
  • modern dark green design

Best Home Laser Hair Removal For Men

Silk’n Infinity IPL Hair Removal Machine

At-Home Use

The Silk’n Infinity IPL hair removal laser machine is perfectly safe to use at home. It uses Intense Pulsed Light technology and effectively breaks the cycle of hair growth. If used correctly, it won’t cause any side effects. It is suitable for the whole body.

Silk’n Infinity Painless Laser Hair Removal Device

Who Can Use??

This hair removal laser can be used by men and women of lighter skin tone. It is safe for people with white, ivory, beige, and light brown skin tone. It is effective on darker and black hair. It is almost ineffective to remove the light, blond, grey, white, and red hair color.

Energy Levels And Flash Modes

Just like most of the IPL hair removal devices, the Tesoky laser features the two standard flash modes -flash and glide. The safest one is the flash mode and it is advisable to apply it when treating sensitive areas. The glide mode makes the treatments of large areas quick. The 5 energy levels help you adjust the energy of flashes.

Silk’n Infinity Painless Laser Hair Removal Device review

Safety Tips

The safest way of using this laser is first to check the hair and skin color chart to see if this device is the right for you. Read the instructions on how to use it. After that, test a small area and wait for 12h. If everything is ok, start with treatments. Use the laser on shaved skin. Wear safety goggles.

Long-Term Use

This laser is a durable device. It features unlimited flashes which means that it will last you many years. No disposables are needed and you won’t have to replace the cartridge ever. It will help you save money and time.

Why Buy This Product

  • a durable device with a high number of flashes
  • safe to use at home
  • saves time and money

Best Laser Hair Removal Men’s Legs

Baivon Permanent Hair Removal for Men

The Design And The Package?

The Baivon comes in a unique hand-polished compact design. Apart from the main unit, the package contains a shaver razor,? an adapter, and safety goggles which means you have everything you need to start the treatment.

BAIVON Facial Hair Removal System Painless Professional

IPL Painless Treatments

This male IPL laser provides easy, ultra-fast, and comfortable treatments. It deactivates hair follicles and makes the hair stop growing. It provides long-term hairless results. The treatments are painless and gentle. This laser can be used on all body parts, including the sensitive areas.

Ideal For Men’s Legs Hair Removal

The laser hair removal for men is ideal to use on large body parts such as legs, stomach, and beck. The treatments of large areas are quick and effective. The first results are noticeable after only a few sessions. The 95% hair growth reduction is achieved after 2-3 months of regular sessions.

BAIVON Facial Hair Removal System Painless Professional review

Who Is It Safe For??

It is safe for both women and men. It is not suitable for children under 18 years. Check the skin and hair color chart to see if you are suitable for the use. Remember, it may be harmful to use it on dark skin and ineffective on hair with no natural pigmentation.

Last Details About Hair Removal Laser?

You should make a skin-test before starting with treatments. Always use on shaved and dry skin. Don’t try to fasten the results. Wear safety goggles while using to protect your eyes from flashes.

Why Buy This Product

  • ideal for men’s legs use
  • suitable for men and women
  • painless and effective treatments

Conclusion: Which Two Male IPL Hair Removal Devices Are The Best?

In my opinion, the LUBEX Permanent Painless Laser Hair Remover System and Bosidin IPL Hair Removal Machine are the best male IPL hair removal machines. I like the Lubex laser because it operates gently on sensitive areas. The Bosidin model is a durable device that is safe to use on all body parts.

In case you haven’t found the best model for you, check out more in my article about the best hair removal machines. There are more such models available online, so read my article about the best home hair removal systems, and find the best permanent hair removal device for you.