Best 3 Hair Removal Laser For Dark Skin To Use In 2022 Reviews

Finding a perfect hair removal laser for dark skin to use at home use may be very difficult.

If you are looking for an at-home laser hair removal machine for dark or black skin, read this article. I bring you the top 3 models that will help you get rid of unwanted hair.


What To Know About Laser Hair Removal And Dark Skin?

General Fact About Lasers For Dark Skin

Most models work more effectively on light skin and dark hair. The reason why is the fact that there needs to be a contrast between the pigment of the hair and the pigment of the skin. Today, there are fewer devices that efficiently remove dark hair from dark skin. These models emit longer wavelengths that don’t harm the skin.

Are The Lasers For Dark Skin Really Safe?

The laser hair removal machines for dark skin today are safe to use. There are professional lasers at beauty clinics and the at-home lasers. Before buying a certain model, make sure it is suitable for your skin tone. Check it out within the hair color and skin tone chart.

Which Models Of Lasers Are Suitable For Dark Skin?

If looking for an ideal IPL hair removal for dark skin, you should be looking for models that feature Colorblind RF and ELOS technologies as well. When these three technologies are combined, they target hair follicles more efficiently and safely. The combination makes hair removal on dark skin tones more gentle.

How To Properly Use These Devices?

Before starting with treatments, make sure you have read about them within the user manual. Before the session, have your skin cleaned, shaved, and dried. Select the wanted mode and level of flash energy and start with the treatments. Apply the body lotion after the treatment.

Where Can I Get The Perfect Laser For Dark Skin?

The models that I have listed below are available on Check them out and read all about them in detail. Before deciding to buy a certain model, read the reviews from the previous customers. Keep on reading to find out more.

3 Best Laser Hair Removal Devices For Dark Skin

Best Laser Hair Removal African-American Skin

mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA Cleared elo?s Technology?

FDA-Cleared And Safe

This mē laser hair removal machine is approved by the Food And Drug Administration to be safe on people’s skin. FDA is a US federal agency that has tested this laser hair device and approved its safe and gentle use.

mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA Cleared elo?s Technology

Professional Dermatologist Technology

This mē laser for black skin uses the technology that is similar to the one they use at the dermatologists’ clinics. It is a proven solution for long-term or permanent hair growth reduction. It combines IPL, RF, and ELOS technology. The combination makes it safe to use on black skin.

The Effective Results?

The treatments with this RF, ELOS, and IPL hair removal for dark skin are painless and safe. This laser is a perfect and effective alternative to other laser hair removal machines, waxing, or shaving. You will notice up to a 94% reduction in hair growth after only a few weeks.

mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device with FDA Cleared elo?s Technology review

Who Can Use And Where?

This mē laser hair removal device for dark skin is easy and safe to use. It is effective on all skin tones and types. It is effective for removing the widest range of hair colors. It can be applied to all body parts, even the most delicate ones. Use on the upper lip, underarms, or bikini line. It is suitable for using it on the limbs, back, or stomach.

Why Buy This Product

  • FDA-cleared
  • effective on a wide range of hair colors
  • safe to use on all skin tones and types

Best Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin At Home

Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine 755nm/ 808nm/ 1064nm By Pongnas

What Is A Diode Laser?

Diode lasers are the lasers that are most recommendable to use on dark skin. These devices emit longer wavelengths (808nm 1064nm) that are harmless for people with dark skin. All shorter wavelengths may burn or scar dark skin. The diode lasers damage only hair that is actively growing at a certain moment. This is why the treatments must be repeated more times.?

Pongnas Portable 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

About Pongnas Laser Machine For Dark Skin

This Pongnas diode laser hair removal is multifunction. Select the 755nm wavelength for white skin with fine and light/golden hair removal. Choose the 808nm wavelength for natural skin hair removal. If you have dark or black skin and black hair, choose the 1064nm and remove your hair safely and painlessly.

Whole-Body Hair Removal

This Pongnas diode laser hair removal for dark skin can be used on all body parts without fear. Be careful only if using it on the face. Don’t use it near the eyes. Also, avoid using it in the genital area. Otherwise, it is safe and effective on the lip, beard, and cheek hair. Use it to remove hair from underarms, limbs, back, stomach, or bikini line.

Pongnas Portable 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine review

Technical Specifications

This laser hair removal machine’s power is 1500W. There are 20,000,000 handle shots. It features an LCD touch-screen display with 8 languages. The machine comes with heat dissipation for semiconductor refrigeration. The package includes safety glasses and an eye patch. It can be used at home or for professional uses. Read the user manual before starting with treatments.

Why Buy This Product

  • safe for black skin
  • 3 wavelengths
  • 20,000,000 handle shots

Best Laser Hair Removal Face Dark Skin

mē Sleek Face & Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal System FDA-Cleared

Clinically-Proven Technology?

Another great model from mē. It features the clinically-proven technology for safe and permanent hair growth reduction on dark skin. It is perfectly safe to apply this laser to the face. Use it on the cheekbones, chin, upper lip, cheeks, jaw area. Apart from that, it is safe to treat your limbs, chest, stomach, back, and bikini line.

mē Sleek Face & Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal System FDA-Cleared

Safe And FDA-Approved

This model is also FDA-approved which guarantees its effectiveness and safety. It provides fast and painless treatments and long-term results. It is recommended by top dermatologists as the first at-home removal device that is effective on all skin tones. That includes light, medium, olive, brown, and black skin tones.

Provides Permanent Results

After only a couple of weeks, you will notice the first results -about 50% of the hair growth reduction. The permanent results that this laser hair removal device provides are visible after 6 to 8 weeks. After this period, you will achieve more than 95% or hair reduction.

mē Sleek Face & Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal System FDA-Cleared review

Who Can Use It And How?

Apart from the people with all skin tones, this laser will effectively remove a wide range of hair colors. This includes white, gray, blonde, black, brown, and red hair color. Use it on dry and clean skin. Always shave the hair before treatments. The unshaven hair, apart from the unpleasant smell, may cause irritations and skin burns.

What To Be Careful With??

Avoid the laser pointing to your eyes. Don’t use it in the area near the eyebrows. Don’t apply the laser on damaged or tattooed skin. It is not advisable to use it over the area with moles.

Why Buy This Product

  • FDA-cleared
  • ideal for facial hair removal
  • suitable for all types of skin

Conclusion: Which Model Of Laser Hair Removal Machine For Dark Skin Is The Best And Why?

In my opinion, all three models are great and of high quality. However, I find that the best out of these three is the Diode Laser By Pongnas. I consider it the safest and most effective.?

If you want to check out more hair removal devices, check out my article about the permanent hair removal machines. I have written about the at-home laser hair removal devices, so have a look at that post as well.