Best 5 Hair Removal Devices: Permanent, Facial & Laser Reviews

If you are in search of the best hair removal device, check out this article.

It will help you find the best hair removal method for you.

See which models of hair removal devices you can get online. Read about their use, the pros and cons, and check out their availability and price.


5 Best Hair Removal Machines For Sale

Best At-Home Hair Removal


The Beamia at-home hair removal machine is an IPL hair removal device. It is safe to use at home. It features the clinically-proven Intense Pulsed Light technology that effectively breaks the cycle of hair regrowth. This IPL machines emit pulsating lights that get absorbed by the melanin. Melanin then gets damaged and the hair stops growing back.

Beamia Facial & Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal

The Beamia laser hair device provides painless treatments. It is ideal for beginners to use it. It features a high number of flashes and it is eco-friendly. The results are long-lasting smooth skin. There are no side effects if used properly. You will save both time and money with this lifelong purchase.

Beamia Facial & Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal review

To make you feel safer, the Beamia laser hair removal machine comes with a skin tone sensor. If your skin is not suitable, the unit won’t produce the flashes. Make sure you use it properly. Read more about this and other at-home hair removal systems that you can find on the online market.

Why Buy This Product

  • durable and of high-quality
  • safe to use at home
  • effective and gentle

Best Facial Hair Removal Device


This Panasonic facial hair removal device is a pen hair remover. It is a small and convenient unit that you can easily take anywhere and use anytime. It slowly and gently removes the hair from your facial area. It is safe to use every day and can help you with quick touch-ups on other body parts.

Panasonic Full Body Hair Removal for Women ES-WR50-P

It’s very easy to use this unit. It is also safe to use on all skin types because it features stainless steel blades that make this hair removal pen hypoallergenic. The pivoting head will swing 10 degrees left or right and follow the curves of your body providing you with painless treatments and effective results.

Panasonic Full Body Hair Removal for Women ES-WR50-P review

This Panasonic facial hair removal pen is powered by two AAA batteries which means that it is a cordless device. It will make hair removal easier and safer. There are more facial hair removal devices available online, you will easily find the right one for you.

Why Buy This Product

  • convenient
  • small and cordless
  • hypoallergenic blades

Best Permanent Hair Removal Laser


Remington IPL6500QFB iLight permanent hair removal laser is one of the best hair removal machines that you will find on the market. It uses IPL technology which makes is perfectly safe and effective. It is suitable for both men’s and women’s skin. If used on the right skin tone (which excludes dark skin tones), it is effective and provides no side effects at all.

Remington IPL6500QFB iLight Ultra Face & Body At-Home

It can be applied to almost all body areas. However, that never includes the area around the eyes. Also, it cannot shape the eyebrows. Use if from the chin below. Don’t use it on your private body parts. There are two interchangeable caps, a small one for the face or bikini line, and a large one for other body parts.

Remington IPL6500QFB iLight Ultra Face & Body At-Home review

Don’t let children under 18 years old use this device. It is not safe for people with dark skin to use it. It is ineffective to use on white, grey, blond, and red hair. It won’t remove the hair with no melanin. Check out more models and read my post about the 5 best permanent hair removal machines.

Why Buy This Product

  • can be used by women and men
  • comes with two body caps
  • high-quality and durable

Best Laser Hair Removal Machine


One of the best laser hair removal machine is the MiSMON hair laser for full-body hair removal. Its size is compact so the device can easily be portable. It is a hair removal machine for women. It comes with a high number of flashes which make the device durable for many years. This laser unit includes an LCD screen display that provides you with all the information about the laser.

MiSMON IPL At-Home Hair Removal Device

If you want to have effective and painless treatments at home, then this IPL laser hair removal machine is for you. It comes with 300,000 flashes and you can choose one out of the 5 different level settings. That means you can adjust it to your skin type and color.

MiSMON IPL At-Home Hair Removal Device review

You don’t have to be an expert to use this device, it is simple to understand and use. To find out more about how to use this device, read my article about laser hair removal machines. See if another model is more suitable for your skin type.

Why Buy This Product

  • operates safely and gently
  • different flash levels
  • comes with an LCD screen display

Best Epilator For Hair Removal


If your skin tone is not suitable for a laser, check out this Braun women’s hair removal device epilator. It is suitable for use on all body. It comes with a detachable head that is easy to clean. It can be used to remove the hair from your face, underarm, bikini line, or other larger body part.

Braun Ladies Epilator Silk-├ępil 9 9-870

Once you get used to the epilation, the treatments become almost painless. The more frequently you use the epilator, the less the process of hair removal will hurt. The effects are long-lasting. The epilator removes the hair from the root making your skin smooth and soft for weeks.

Braun Ladies Epilator Silk-├ępil 9 9-870 review

If you prefer the wet hair removal, this Braun Silk-Epil 9 epilator is for you. It is a cordless unit that can easily be taken to the shower with you. Remember to moisturize your skin with body lotion after every treatment. See more models and read my post about epilators for sale for face and body.?

Why Buy This Product

  • wet epilation
  • cordless use
  • whole-body use

Useful Guide For Buying A Hair Removal Device

Different Ways Of Removing Hair

There are different ways or removing hair – epilation, shaving, threading, waxing, laser hair removal method. Think about which method could be the best for you. Do you want to epilate? Can you stand a bit of pain for effective results? Do you want to shave and don’t mind repeating that every few days? Do you want to try the laser machine? Buy the hair removal device accordingly.

Many Available Models – Find The Best One For You

All of the listed hair removal methods can be done with various hair removal devices. When you decide which method or hair removal is the one you want to try, read about it, and get to know more about the models that will help you achieve desired results.


Extra Features Of Hair Removal Devices

Many models offer more than removing hairs only. For example, the epilators come with interchangeable heads and can help you with callus treatments. Also, some of them feature a trimmer and a razor. Additionally, laser machines often feature skin rejuvenation lamps or lamps that help with acne problems.

Safety Comes First

When it comes to buying the best hair removal machine, make sure it is safe. Many devices come FDA-approved or with safety certificates. Also, it is important to read customers’ reviews before buying. Remember that a cheap product cannot always guarantee quality.


Available Online

All of the products listed in this article and on this website are available on Amazon is a reliable website. I personally prefer it because of the great customer service and I can read other users’ reviews. Also, the products are often discounted or come with free shipping.

Benefits Of Using Hair Removal Devices

At-Home Use

If you get a perfect and safe hair removal machine, you won’t have to go to the beauty clinics or professional salons anymore. Almost all of the products I have listed are safe to use in the comfort of your home. Don’t pay for the expensive treatments anymore. Save time and money.


Eco-Friendly Alternative

Not every hair removal product is disposable. In fact, all the products listed in my articles are eco-friendly. Some of them can be used for many years without having to buy replacements or a completely new product. Be kind to the environment and get a durable hair removal machine.

Tweezi - Spring Facial Hair Removal For Women review

Easy To Use And Maintain

The at-home hair removal devices are generally simple to operate. Most of the time you will only need to turn on the power button. However, let’s not forget about cleansing and/or shaving/trimming your hair before using certain models. In the end, these devices are very easy to maintain clean.

Conclusion: Which Hair Removal Machine Is The Best For You?

Among all these models, you will surely find one that is most suitable for your skin type. Not everyone wants to epilate their hair. They find the process too painful. Also, not every person can use any laser hair removal device on their type of skin. Make sure you read all about such devices before you make the purchase. After all, these devices are long-lasting and if chosen well, life-changing.

In case you want to find out more about available models, read my other articles. If hair removal by laser is not an option for you, maybe a female grooming kit may do the job better.