Best 5 Women’s Eyebrow Trimmer Models For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for the eyebrow trimmer?

In this article, I have gathered the top 5 women’s eyebrow trimmer models. Some come with more features so you can use them to trim different body parts too. If you are interested, keep on reading and find out more about these products.


What To Know About Eyebrow Trimmers?

Shape Your Eyebrows Easily

Using the female eyebrow trimmer will give you the same look as waxing or tweezing. You simply trim and shave the eyebrow into a shape that you want. The process is easy and quick. Always purchase the eyebrow razor or an eyebrow trimmer instead of using the regular razor. If not, it can be dangerous.

Trimming Is Painless

Unlike waxing, which can be messy and painful, trimming is completely painless. The effects don’t last as long as with waxing or epilation, but if you have sensitive skin and can’t bear the pain, I suggest you trim. Trimmers are safe to use daily.

Use It On Other Body Parts

Many eyebrow trimmers for ladies can be used on other body parts. Some models can be applied to the face. They will help with eliminating upper lip, cheek, chin, or neck hair. Other models are completely safe to use on the bikini line area. Read more about each model and find out its features.

Save Money And Time

Instead of going to the salon and paying for the expensive treatments, once you get a women’s eyebrow trimmer, you will save both time and money. The eyebrow trimmers to use at home will give you the same look. These models are portable and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Where Can I Buy Ladies’ Eyebrow Trimmer?

You can get a female eyebrow trimmer at your local beauty supply store. However, all the models that I have listed in this article are available on Check them out and read the customers’ reviews. is a trustful online retailer and often offers sales and free shipping.

5 Best Eyebrow Trimmer For Ladies

Best Eyebrow Precision Trimmer

schick silk touch up women’s exfoliating face razor & eyebrow trimmer

Quick Eyebrow Shaping

This female eyebrow trimmer by Silk Touch quickly and painlessly shapes your eyebrows. It is made to remove all the fine hair that is sometimes hard to eliminate with tweezers. It is made for daily use and it is perfectly safe on the skin. It is portable. Carry it in your cosmetics bag all the time for quick touch-ups wherever and whenever.

schick silk touch up women's exfoliating face razor & eyebrow trimmer

How Does It Work?

The Shick Silk Touch Up eyebrow trimmer gently exfoliates your skin while removing unwanted hair. It smoothens your skin. The trimmer features high-quality blades with micro guards. The blades are designed to help you protect your skin all the time. To eliminate hair, pull the skin tight and move the trimmer in the direction of the hair growth. When shaping, attach the precision cover.

Painless Process

Trimming hair with this female eyebrow trimmer is completely painless. Not everyone wants to epilate the sensitive and delicate parts of their body, especially the thin skin around the eye. Epilation or waxing may irritate this body part and leave red marks. Although the effects last for a few days only, this trimmer can be used every day. It is safe on any skin type.

schick silk touch up women's exfoliating face razor & eyebrow trimmer review

Quick Tips

Before starting with the process, if needed, use the body lotion or shaving foam and soften the area around the eye. After the process, clean your skin and wash your face. Appy the facial cream. The protective cap for the blades is included. Slide it on after every use and protect the blades.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable
  • satisfied customers
  • painless and quick eyebrow shaping

Best Women’s Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Reazeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover

About Reazeal Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

This Reazeal female eyebrow trimmer comes in a discreet pink-golden design. It is made in the shape of a lipstick. It is lightweight and easy to carry in your bag. It can be used for removing other facial hair such as upper lip, nose, ear, etc.

Reazeal Hair Remover For Face Lips And Facial Hair For Men Women

Rechargeable Battery

This trimmer features the rechargeable built-in Ni-Cd AAA battery. Charge it using the Android charging cable. This feature makes it easier to charge the trimmer in the whole world. You don’t need to use the adaptor. Use this device as a cordless trimmer and make the hair elimination easier and more convenient. Charge it and take it with you all the time.

Easy To Use And Clean

This female trimmer device is easy to use. Simply pull the skin tight and roundly move the trimmer. The trimmer will eliminate even the shortest and finest hair. It is a great alternative for the tweezers and wax. It painlessly removes the hair and easily shapes the brows.

Reazeal Hair Remover For Face Lips And Facial Hair For Men Women review

Safe And Painless

The Reazeal trimmer is safe to use on all skin types. It doesn’t irritate the skin. The blades are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. This trimmer does not pull your skin or causes nicks or redness.

What Is Included In The Package?

The package features the main unit with the 360 degrees deal-edge blade trimmer, the USB charging cable (without the adaptor), the rechargeable battery. The price of this unit is reasonable and the item can be purchased online on the

Why Buy This Product

  • USB-rechargeable battery
  • easy to use and clean
  • affordable and effective

Best Eyebrow Upper Lip Trimmer

philips eyebrow trimmer for ladies PrecisionPerfect HP6390/51

The Stylish Design

This Philips eyebrow upper lip trimmer comes in a purple-hot pink design with a metallic finish. It is electric. Its design is modern and unique. Its size is 0.8 x 0.8 x 5.5 inches. It is compact and small. It is easy to carry in your bag and it is a great device for quick touch-ups anytime.

philips eyebrow trimmer for ladies PrecisionPerfect HP639051

Where To Use

This ladies’ trimmer is a perfect beauty product that can be used for removing unwanted eyebrow hair and to shape the eyebrows perfectly. It is a great device to remove other facial hair too. It will painlessly eliminate the upper lip hair. If necessary, use it for removing the hair from your neck or even from your thumbs.

How To Use

The Philips PrecisionPerfect trimmer gently removes the hair around the eyebrows. Maintain the eyebrow shape easily with this trimmer and forget about the expensive salon treatments. Use it on clean skin and move it in the direction of the growth of the hair. Move it downwards to completely eliminate the excess hair. Wash the face and the blades after the use.

philips eyebrow trimmer for ladies PrecisionPerfect HP639051 review

The Extras Included

The package includes the main electric trimmer unit. It comes with 2 attachments. One is for the hair trimming, other is for shaping hair. The included AAA battery will make the cordless use of the trimmer more convenient. The trimmer includes the cleaning brush for removing the eliminated hair from the blades. The protective cap for the blades is also included.

Why Buy This Product

  • cordless use
  • 2 attachments
  • suitable for use on any type of skin
  • removes other facial hair too

Best Bikini And Eyebrow Trimmer

Veet Sensitive Precision Electric Hair Trimmer & Shaper for Eyebrows Bikini Line

General Details

This Veet electric trimmer comes as a hair removal device for sensitive skin. It can be used as a hair remover and shaper. Thanks to the adjustable head, it is an ideal trimmer for shaping the eyebrows. Since it is made for sensitive skin, it is suitable to eliminate bikini line hair, underarm hair, or other delicate area hair.

Wet And Dry Use

The handle of this Veet female trimmer comes with the anti-slip grip. The unit is waterproof so the handle makes it easier to use in a bathtub or the shower. The wet hair removal is quick and mess-free. The water will wash-off the eliminated hair instantly making the trimmer easier to clean after the use.

Veet Sensitive Precision Electric Hair Trimmer & Shaper for Eyebrows Bikini Line

Safe On The Skin

This Veet bikini and eyebrow trimmer is safe to use on any type of skin. If you prefer depilation and trimming instead of an epilation, or if the epilator makes your skin irritated, the Veet trimmer will help you with removing hair without causing any damages to your skin. It is dermatologically tested and it is safe to use it daily if needed.

Easy To Maintain

The waterproof feature makes this Veet trimmer easy to maintain and clean. If you use it for the wet hair removal, you will instantly wash off the eliminated hair and won’t need to use the cleaning brush. If used for dry hair removal, remove the eliminated hair with the cleaning brush, and rinse the blades under the running water.

The Included Attachments

The package comes includes 1 styler base, 2 trimmers, 3 combs, a cleaning brush, an AA battery, and one travel pouch. Although cheap, this Veet trimmer is durable and convenient to have. Check the availability on

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable for anyone
  • quality and durable
  • waterproof and easy to maintain
  • cordless use

Best Face Shaver For Women

Latorice Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Trimmer

Two In One

The Latorice face shaver for women comes as a 2 in 1? women’s eyebrow trimmer. It includes 2 heads. The eyebrow trimming head and body trimming head. The eyebrow head will eliminate unwanted hair from the top, bottom, and between the eyebrows. The body trimmer head can be used on the face and other delicate body parts (bikini, arms, armpits, etc).

Latorice Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Trimmer

Painless And Safe Hair Removal

Unlike waxing or eliminating hair from the root, this Latorice ladies’ trimmer will eliminate hair painlessly. It features the hypoallergenic cutter head that can be used on all skin types. The blades cut the hair close to the root, but don’t cut your skin. The stainless steel is an antiallergenic material that won’t cause irritations.

Portable And Rechargeable

The size of this trimmer is 4.7 inches. It is small and compact and it doesn’t take up too much space. You can take it with you in your bag or purse. Its battery is rechargeable which means that this trimmer is suitable for a cordless use too. Charge it before using it to make the usage more convenient. It is safe to use every day.

Latorice Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Trimmer review

Detachable Blades

To wash and maintain hygiene properly, detach the blade and wash it with soap and water. Do that after every use. Dry before attaching it back to the main unit because the main unit is not waterproof. If you need to change the original cutter head, turn it counterclockwise and unscrew it. To install the new cutter head, turn it clockwise and tighten it.

Why Buy This Product

  • 2 in 1
  • rechargeable
  • safe to use on a daily basis

Conclusion: Which Two Ladies’ Eyebrow Trimmer Are The Best?

In my opinion, the two best women’s eyebrow trimmers are Reazeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover and Philips Eyebrow Trimmer For Ladies HP6390/51. Both models are affordable. I liked the Reazel trimmer because it is USB-rechargeable and easy to use and clean. The Philips trimmer comes with 2 attachments and it is made for sensitive skin hair removal.

In case you want to read more about this subject, take a look at my post about the best hair trimmer for women. If you want to know more about other models, read the articles about the best trimmer for bikini or the best nose hair trimmer for women.