Best 5 Eyebrow Epilators: Threading & Electric In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for an eyebrow epilator?

If you want to get an ideal device for shaping and epilating, this article might help. You will learn about the main characteristics of the five best eyebrow epilator models, see their prices, and compare them to easily choose the right model for you. Keep on reading to find out more.


What To Know About Eyebrow Epilators?

Eyebrow Epilator Models

There are plenty of eyebrow trimmers and shapers on the online market, but there are only a few eyebrow epilators. The reason for that is the fact that the surface of the epilator is too large to use around the eyebrow area. In this post, you will get to read about both and choose the model you prefer.

How Do Eyebrow Epilators Work?

The eyebrow hair epilator grips hairs and plucks them out. It eliminates the hair from the root which makes it grow back slower and finer. The process may be painful, especially at the beginning. The electric epilators-trimmers and shavers get as close to the skin as possible and cut the hair at the surface. This method is completely painless.

Epilating Vs. Trimming Eyebrows

Epilation with an electric epilator or threading epilator is similar to tweezing; it fully removes hair from the root. The difference is that you can eliminate the hair when it’s really short. You don’t have to wait for it to grow back visible. The results last for a few weeks. The trimmers and shavers don’t provide such long-lasting results, but the hair removal doesn’t hurt and it is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Perks Of Using An Eyebrow Epilator Or Trimmer

The eyebrow hair removal devices are practical, small, and compact. They offer quick hair removal at home, without going to the salon every time you need to shape or eliminate the unwanted hair. They are affordable and easy to maintain. Some models are cordless. Others come with more features. See these five eyebrow epilators you can buy online.

5 Best Eyebrow Epilators For Sale

Best Eyebrow And Upper Lip Epilator

Reazeal Hair Remover For Face Lips And Facial Hair For Men Women

The Stylish Design

This eyebrow and upper lip epilator is the perfect female hair-removing device. It comes in the shape of a lipstick. It is lightweight and discreet. It is designed in pink and gold. It can be a perfect gift or simply a nice and small hair remover for you.

Reazeal Hair Remover For Face Lips And Facial Hair For Men Women

Multifunctional Use

This device is primarily made for eyebrow hair removal. It comes with a small head that helps you shape your eyebrow and remove unwanted hair quickly and painlessly. It can easily be used for removing upper-lip hair. Optionally, you can remove the hair from the chin, cheek, and neck.

Cordless Use

This Reazeal hair remover comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable. It can also be charged from an adaptor or laptop. It is charged quickly after which it can be used cordless. Charge it and take it with you on a trip.

Reazeal Hair Remover For Face Lips And Facial Hair For Men Women review

Safe And Painless

This eyebrow and upper lip epilator is safe for your skin. It doesn’t cut or irritate it. It makes your skin smooth immediately. It is completely painless to remove the unwanted hair with this hair remover device. You can use it daily.

How To Use?

Charge the device first. Pull the skin tight and move the device in the opposite direction of the growth of hair. This way, the hair remover will remove the unwanted hair more easily and effectively. It will leave the skin smooth and soft. Clean the head.

Why Buy This Product

  • stylish and compact
  • safe for the skin
  • painless and quick hair removal
  • fair price

Best Portable Eyebrow Epilator

Beauare Eyebrow Trimmer Epilator For Face

The Lipstick Design

The Beauare eyebrow epilator trimmer comes in the form of a lipstick, just like the previous model. It is small and modernly designed. It comes in the silver-gold finish. Thanks to its small size, this hair remover can be carried anywhere and anytime. The Beauare portable eyebrow epilator is cheap and durable.

Beauare Eyebrow Trimmer Epilator For Face

Ideal For Eyebrows

This portable epilator is perfectly made for removing eyebrow hair. It comes with a 360-degree rotatable shaving design. It trims and removes the hair easily and painlessly. It shapes the eyebrow and leaves the skin smooth. It can also be used on other facial areas such as upper lip, cheek, chin, etc.

Protects Your Skin

Although this portable eyebrow epilator cuts the hair as close to the surface as possible, it won’t cut your skin. Also, it won’t make your skin irritated. Cleanse the skin before using the hair remover and moisturize it with body lotion after the usage.

Beauare Eyebrow Trimmer Epilator For Face review

How To Clean?

This eyebrow epilator comes with a cleaning brush and a detachable head. The head is waterproof. Clean the head after every use with the brush and rinse it under the water. Dry the head before using it again.

More About Beauare Eyebrow Trimmer Epilator

This portable eyebrow epilator shaver comes with LED smart light that will illuminate your skin to better see the fine and thin hair. This way you will get to eliminate all the unwanted hair from your face. It is safe for the skin and safe to touch. No worries about cutting your fingers or your face.

Why Buy This Product

  • safe
  • painless and fast
  • cheap
  • LED smart light

Best Painless Eyebrow Epilator

Philips Eyebrow Epilator HP6393/00

About Philips Epilator

The Philips eyebrow epilator is lightweight and easily portable in your bag. The size of this eyebrow epilator is 3.2 x 1.6 x 6.9 inches and it weighs only 2.4 ounces. It is made of high-quality material. It is durable and effective. The price is reasonable.

Philips Eyebrow Epilator HP639300

Where To Use It

Pull the skin tight when removing the hair. Move it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Use it to remove unwanted eyebrow hair and to shape the eyebrows. Apart from the eyebrows, you can use it on other facial areas such as upper lip, neck, chin, or even to remove hair from your fingers.

Three Detachable Heads

This painless eyebrow epilator features an eyebrow comb with two length options for uniform hair length. You can trim hair to the precise length. Additionally, it features a head for facial hair removal and one for hair on other small body areas such as toes or knees.

Philips Eyebrow Epilator HP639300 review

Hygiene Is A Priority

The Philips HP6393/00 eyebrow epilator comes with a cleaning brush too. It is a perfect extra feature for extra hygiene. To clean well the epilator, remove the head you have used, remove the eliminated hair with the brush, rinse it under the water, dry it, and it will be ready to use again.?

Portable And Convenient

Since this painless epilator uses a battery (one AAA battery included) it is easily portable anytime and anywhere. It is suitable for everyday use. It won’t affect negatively your skin. It is convenient and functional.

Why Buy This Product

  • portable
  • painless eyebrow epilator
  • quickly removes the unwanted hair
  • usable on other body parts

Best Mini Epilator For Eyebrows

Braun Eyebrow Epilator Braun Face 851?

The Design For Precise Epilation

This Braun mini epilator comes in a sleek design. It feels like holding a mascara in your hand. It feels easy and comfortable using it. This allows for precise epilation. It has a mini and compact head which is made to perfectly shape your eyebrows.

Braun Eyebrow Epilator Braun Face 851

Epilator And Four Brushes?

The mini epilator head of this eyebrow epilator will pluck out hairs from the root. At first, it may feel ticklish, but after you get used to it, the epilation becomes quick and painless. This device features four cleansing brushes that help with maintaining your skin smooth, clean, and young.

The Extra Cleansing Feature

The cleansing brushes are simple snap-on heads. The heads feature several thousands of bristles that clean your pores. The cleansing with these brushes works 6 times better than by hand. They help with exfoliation and removing make-up and oil from your skin. They are waterproof and easy to clean.

Braun Eyebrow Epilator Braun Face 851 review

How To Use On Skin

Normal and Sensitive cleansing brushes can be used daily. After the cleansing, use the Beauty Sponge to apply the cream to your face. Use the Exfoliation brush weekly. The epilator head can be used as soon as the hair starts to grow back.

Easy Maintenace And Price?

Rinse the cleansing and epilator heads after every use. Prevent the irritation and make hygiene a priority. For maximum hygiene and performance, Braun suggests replacing brushes every three months. The price of this mini eyebrow epilator is reasonable. The product is of high quality and gives great results.

Why Buy This Product

  • great for cleansing
  • durable and of high quality
  • easy to use and maintain

Best Eyebrow Threading Epilator

Cocojojo Threading Eyebrow Hair Removal?

What Is A Threading Epilator?

Hair removal with thread is a special method that uses the cotton thread to remove your hair. It is an ancient Egyptian hair removal method. The Cocojojo manufacturers have designed their device to do this job mechanically. It is easy and completely safe to use on any type of skin.

Cocojojo Threading Eyebrow Hair Removal

What Does It Include?

The package of the Cocojojo eyebrow threading epilator includes the threading machine, eyebrow special treatment serum, eyebrow hair removal cotton thread, special face powder, a user manual with all the instructions for the simplest use, and 110-200 adapter.

The Results?

Since this threading epilator removes the hair from the root, just like with tweezing, the results are long-lasting. The difference is that a thread removes short roves of hair, while the tweezers pull one hair out at a time. This method can be done more frequently than waxing.

Cocojojo Threading Eyebrow Hair Removal review

Eco-Friendly And Price

The threading epilators are generally eco-friendly. They are not disposable and are long-lasting. Since this product is made of plastic, once you decide to change it with another device, it can be recyclable. They don’t produce any waste. The price of this device is high, but the product is of great quality.

Important To Know

The Cocojojo eyebrow threading epilator quickly and effectively removes all the hair from the facial area. After getting used to it, it can easily and almost painlessly remove the eyebrow hair. However, have in mind that this product is not made to shape or design your eyebrows.

Why Buy This Product

  • quality
  • eco-friendly
  • long-lasting results
  • safe to use frequently

Conclusion: Which Two Eyebrow Epilators Are The Best?

I personally liked Braun Eyebrow Epilator Braun Face 851 and Cocojojo Threading Eyebrow Hair Removal the most. The Braun model I like because, other than being an effective eyebrow epilator, offers the ideal cleansing feature. The Cocojoj threading epilator provides long-lasting results with a special and rare technique.

In case you want to learn more about the epilators in general, check out my post about the best epilators. If you want to see other models for removing hair from the face, see the article about the best facial hair epilator.