Best 5 Body Hair Trimmer/Shavers For Women In 2022 Reviews

In this article, I bring you the best women’s body hair trimmers and shavers that you can find on the online market in 2020. If you are interested in buying such a beauty product, I hope this post will help. See why are these models most searched for on


What To Know If Using A Female Body Hair Trimmer?

Painless And Quick Way Of Removing Hair

Unlike epilation, shaving or trimming your hair is very different. The shavers and trimmers don’t remove the hair from the root and make the hair removal process much more painless. Although not as effective, this is the quickest way of getting rid of unwanted body hair.

Will The Trimmer Cut My Skin?

The possibility that a trimmer will cut your skin does exist. However, there are more chances you will cut your skin with a regular razor than with a professional shaver. The higher the quality of the product, the less the chance of cutting or irritating your skin.

What Is The Best Way Of Using The Body Hair Trimmer?

First of all, you should know that is really important to clean and exfoliate your skin before removing hairs. This way you will open up the pores and get rid of dead skin cells. Doing this every time before shaving will reduce the possibilities of ingrown hair. Shave with water and soap or shaving foam. Apply the body lotion after every depilation.

Which Body Parts Can I Trim And Shave?

Basically, you can trim and shave all body parts. However, be sure to use the proper model. Not every shaver is suitable for all body use. Many shavers and trimmer are not made to remove facial hair. Those that are might not work well on legs. Know what you are looking for and buy the product accordingly.

Where To Buy Best Body Shaver For Ladies?

All the listed products are available on Click on the button below every review t check out more details and the price. is a trustworthy online retailer. Check out the customers’ reviews. Should you have any problem, the Amazon customer service is always ready to help.

5 Best Body Hair Trimmer For Ladies

Best Women’s Electric Body Shaver

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

Effective And Safe Blades

This women’s electric body shaver by Panasonic features three ultra-sharp, but safe shaving blades. The blades come with a thin foil that follows your body’s curves and provides a fast and effective shave without damaging or cutting your skin. It comfortably eliminates all body hairs.

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

The Pivoting Head

One of the best features of this electric shaver is its pivoting heads. Thanks to them, it is much easier to reach all body parts and completely eliminate unwanted hair. The three floating pivoting heads glide easily on your skin. The blades are hypoallergenic.

It Is Water-Resistant

You can choose between wet or dry hair removal. The wet depilation will be a comfortable and mess-free process. What is more, you can apply the shaving foam and make the blades glide more easily. This reduces the possibility of cutting your skin even more. The dry epilation is recommended to be done on completely clean skin.

Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women review

The Quality Material?

The blades of this professional electric shaver by Panasonic are made of natural hypoallergenic material. I am talking about high-quality stainless steel blades that are extra gentle on your skin. They don’t create irritations while shaving. They are suitable for every type of skin.

How To Maintain?

Since this electric shaver is waterproof, you can conclude that it is easy to clean. If you prefer wet depilation, it will take you only a minute to properly clean the blades. In case you choose dry depilation, simply rinse the blades under the running water.

Why Buy This Product

  • good price
  • easy to use and clean
  • waterproof
  • cordless use

Best Electric Rechargeable Body Shaver For Women

Brori Electric Razor for Women

Low-Noise Operation

The Brori electric body shaver for women comes with three high performances. The sharp and fast blades will fastly and easily shave or trim the hair you want to eliminate. It is suitable for arms, legs, back, or bikini line. This body shaver operates quietly and makes the hair removal more comfortable.

Brori Electric Razor for Women

Painless And Natural Shave

The blades that this Brori body shaver uses for hair elimination are made of stainless steel which means they are anti-allergenic. They glide easily on your skin and follow your body curves. The hair removal is completely painless and the blades don’t create irritation on sensitive skin.

Wet Or Dry Hair Removal?

Another model that can be used with water. This Brori shaver is 100% waterproof. It can fully be immersed in the water and it is easily washable. The detachable shaving heads can be cleaned with the cleaning brush which helps with getting rid of all previously removed hairs that have been stuck on the blades.

Brori Electric Razor for Women review

USB- Rechargeable Battery

This device is an electric rechargeable body shaver for women. It comes with the USB charging cable and it can be charged quickly. It can be charged via charging stand or you can directly connect it to the power source. Enjoy the 60-minutes cordless use after a full charge.

The Detail Light?

Thanks to LED smart light that illuminates your skin, all the fine hair will be easily revealed. Make sure you don’t miss any spot and enjoy the comfortable cordless hair removal process even with bad lighting.

Why Buy This Product

  • LED smart light
  • 60 minutes cordless use
  • waterproof and easy to clean

Best Body Shaver Women’s Razor With Trimmer

Remington WSF4810US Smooth & Silky On the Go

Three-Blade Women’s Electric Razor?

The Remington body shaver women’s razor with trimmer comes with the ergonomic design. It features three blades that easily capture hair you want to eliminate. The hypoallergenic blades are sharp and shaving is fast. It is safe and doesn’t create cuts. It provides effective results

Remington WSF4810US Smooth & Silky On the Go

Small And Compact Design

Thanks to its small size, this body shaver is perfect to take on travels with you. Maintain your routine and take it with you wherever you go. It is cordless and convenient to use. It is non-slip and it perfectly fits in your hands and it makes the hair removal process quick.

Wet And Dry Hair Removal?

In case you prefer the wet hair removal, just like the previous models, this Remington body shaver is waterproof. This feature will not only make the cleaning easier but the hair removal will be more comfortable, and what is important, mess-free. Use it under the shower or while relaxing in your bathtub.

Remington WSF4810US Smooth & Silky On the Go review

Dual Trimmers

The dual hypoallergenic trimmers that are included in this body shaver will help to remove all the hair and prevent the cuts. The results are smooth and silky skin. The blades that the trimmer includes are perfectly safe on delicate body parts, such as the bikini area, or armpit area, and they don’t damage your skin.

Battery Operated?

Thanks to this feature, this device can be used cordlessly. It is powered by two AAA batteries. The batteries are not included in the package so make sure to provide them before wanting to start with the hair removal process. This makes it travel-friendly and cordless use will make the depilation more comfortable.

Why Buy This Product

  • ?battery-operated cordless use
  • sharp and safe blades
  • small and travel-friendly

Best Body Shaver Trimmer For Bikini

NOOA Bikini Trimmer for Women

Cordless Use?

The Nooa shaver trimmer for the bikini area is a women’s hair remover that runs on one AA battery. The battery is not included in the package. This one battery is enough to support a couple of months usage. It allows for a more comfortable and hassle-free body hair removal.

NOOA Bikini Trimmer for Women

Four In One

The Nooa bikini trimmer comes as a 4 in 1 hair removal kit. It features 4 interchangeable heads. There is the bikini trimmer head, the facial hair removal head, the nose hair trimmer, and the eyebrow hair trimmer. These attachable heads provide safe hair removal for the whole body and leave smooth skin with no irritations.

Safe And Effective Shaving

This body shaver trimmer for bikini comes with natural stainless steel blades. They will provide safe, but quick and effective hair removal. You won’t feel any pain and the blades will gently glide on your skin. It is suitable for women with sensitive skin. It will provide excellent and long-lasting results.

NOOA Bikini Trimmer for Women review

Waterproof Use

The cordless use will allow you to use this trimmer cordless and with water. Use this bikini trimmer under the shower or in the bathtub. Remove hair safely and comfortably.? The non-slip handle will make the experience easier. This feature makes it easy to clean with running water.

The Quality And Price

Just like the previous models, this Nooa women’s bikini trimmer is of high quality. The stainless steel blades won’t cause any cuts or irritations which is, in my opinion, the most important factor when buying a trimmer. The price is very reasonable.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable and of good quality
  • waterproof and cordless
  • safe on any type of skin

Best Body Shaver Hair Trimmer For Ladies

Liberex Electric Razor for Women

Two In One

The two main features of this device are the body hair removal and facial hair removal feature. Use it for removing all unwanted body hair anywhere and anytime. Apply it even on the most delicate part such as upper lip, underarm, or bikini area. If necessary, use it with shaving cream.

Liberex Electric Razor for Women

The Dual-Sided Blades

This ladies shaver and trimmer features dual-sided blade-head. The blades are hypoallergenic and don’t cause irritations on sensitive skin. The dual-sided means that one side is suitable for facial hair removal, and the other side is designed for body hair removal.

Cordless And Battery-Powered

One AA battery is needed to run this ladies’ shaver. The first battery is included in the package. With each battery, you can use this shaver trimmer continuously for 60 to 180 minutes. This shaver is cordless and can be taken with you in a cosmetics bag.

Liberex Electric Razor for Women review

How To Maintain Hygiene

It is very simple to clean this shaver. You will simply remove the remaining hair with a small cleaning brush that comes in the package. The cutter head is detachable and easily washable. Rinse it under running water after every use. Dry well before attaching it back to the main unit.

Important To Know

It is important to know that, unlike the previously listed models, this Liberex body shaver hair trimmer is not waterproof. Make sure the water doesn’t enter the main unit. The price of this device is cheap so if you are interested, check it out online.

Why Buy This Product

  • easy to clean
  • portable
  • dual-sided blades for all body hair removal

Conclusion: Which Two Female Body Shavers Are The Best?

In my opinion, the two best body hair trimmer for ladies are Brori Electric Razor For Women and Remington WSF4810US Smooth & Silky On the Go. Both shavers are waterproof and affordable. Brori model features LED smart light and comes with a 60-minutes cordless use. The Remington model uses sharp and safe blades and it is small and travel-friendly.

If you want to read more about the hair removal devices, check out the article about the best trimmers for women. In case you want to know about other models, see the best nose hair trimmer for women article or the best face shaver for women article.