5 Best Epilators For Sensitive Skin To Use In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking to buy an epilator for sensitive skin?

If you are not sure which model of an epilator is the best to use on sensitive skin, read this article in which I have gathered the top 5 models that you will find on the online market at the moment.


What To Consider Before Buying An Epilator?

Your Type Of Skin

If you have sensitive skin, read carefully all the characteristics of the epilator you want to buy. Usually, the epilators are great devices for removing hair on sensitive skin. They won’t affect the color of your skin and what is most probable, they won’t irritate it because they don’t pull the skin.

Removes All Body Hair

The epilators for sensitive skin are not made to remove only hair on legs. Many models of epilators are designed to remove hair from different body parts. Some models are designed to remove only facial hair or only body hair. Other models are made for multiple purposes.

They Provide Smoothness

The epilators remove your hair from the root. This is why it takes hair more time to grow back, unlike when removing the hairs with surface methods. Also, when the hair grows back, it will grow slowly and be softer.

Does The Epilation Hurt?

At the beginning of using the epilator, the process may hurt. It is just like waxing. It hurts much less over time. After a few times of using the epilator, your hairs start to grow finer and the whole process feels less painful. The more frequently you use it, the less it will hurt.

They Are Money-Saving

First of all, the price of the unit is pretty much affordable (depending on how much you want to spend on it, of course). Secondly, the epilators are durable units which means that once you buy it, you won’t have to spend a certain amount of money every month.

5 Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin Reviews

Best Facial Epilator For Sensitive Skin

Braun Epilator Silk-Epil 9 9-985 Facial Hair Removal For Women

About Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-985

This Braun epilator for facial sensitive skin is an affordable unit that comes with various features. It can be used as a cordless epilator that removes face and body hairs four times shorter than wax. The facial skin stays smooth longer. Its pivoting head adapts easily to your body.

Braun Epilator Silk-Epil 9 9-985 Facial Hair Removal For Women

The Exfoliation And Massage Brushes?

This Braun facial epilator for sensitive skin comes with two exfoliation brushes that 9 times more effectively remove dead and rough skin. Also, there is a massage brush with a deep massage effect. The massage brush helps stimulate blood circulation and helps with making your skin softer.

How To Use

This epilator for sensitive skin by Braun can be used cordless. If the battery is fully charged, it can last for up to 50 minutes. This model uses SensoSmart technology. It means that it puts less pressure on the skin. The epilation is more effective and the skin is not irritated.

Braun Epilator Silk-Epil 9 9-985 Facial Hair Removal For Women review

It Is Waterproof??

This epilator is made for wet and dry use. This means that if you feel more comfortable doing the epilation in the shower or a bathtub, this cordless epilator for sensitive skin will allow you to do so. Also, the fact that it is waterproof will make the cleaning easier.

Why Is Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-985 Good For You?

With this Braun epilator, you can not only remove the body hair but also shave and trim. Additionally, with special brushes, it allows you to clean, apply cream, and makeup. It prevents ingrown hairs and makes your skin look sensitive and without red spots.

Why Buy This Product

  • prevents ingrown hair
  • makes your sensitive skin smooth
  • affordable price
  • waterproof

Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver

General Characteristics

This Panasonic epilator for sensitive skin comes with 6 snap-on hair remover and one pedicure buffer attachment. It makes the home epilation simple and quick. It is a full-body hair removal unit that won’t negatively affect your skin. Use it on any body hair approximately 1/8 inch long.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P WetDry Epilator and Shaver

Speed And Operation Time

This epilator for sensitive skin comes with dual speed modes. These two separate settings make your unit easy to control and let you choose the speed for your comfort during the hair removal. The cordless operation time is about 30 minutes. The charging time is about 1 hour.

Waterproof Feature

This Panasonic epilator is 100% waterproof. If you like to do the hair removal in the shower or your bathtub, this unit will make it easier. It can be used with a shaving gel, soap, or foam. This feature makes it easier for cleaning. It can optionally be used for dry and gentle hair removal as well.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P WetDry Epilator and Shaver review

It Is Hypoallergenic

Thanks to the stainless steel, this model of an epilator makes the blades sharp and durable. Although sharp, they don’t affect your skin and or cut it. The blades are protected by the foil cover which makes the blades hypoallergenic. With this epilator, you can forget about the irritation after hair removal.

LED Lights And Epilation

During the hair removal process, LED lights will illuminate your skin and make the hard-to-see hairs visible. The 48 rotating tweezers efficiently extract hair at the root. The epilation with this Panasonic unit is a great alternative to other methods of hair removal.

Why Buy This Product

  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes with LED lights

Best Cordless Epilator For Sensitive Skin On Legs

Miserwe Women Electric Body Hair Remover

About Miserwe Cordless Epilator

Miserwe cordless epilator for sensitive skin comes as a very affordable unit. It is designed for all women types of skin. It is made for hair removal on the whole body. Remove hairs from your legs, armpits, arms, and bikini zone. Use it frequently to make your hair grow slowly.

Miserwe Women Electric Body Hair Remover

Operation time

After the two hours charging time, this Miserwe epilator can operate cordless for about 75 minutes. During the 75 minutes, you will have enough time to remove the hair from your body. When getting used to the epilator, you could finish with the hair removal without any residue.

Child Lock Safety Feature

Not every model of an epilator has the child lock safety feature. This feature will help your children stay safe around this Miserwe epilator. Don’t worry about any incidents. Lock the epilator by holding 5 seconds. Press and hold for 3 seconds for unlocking it.

Miserwe Women Electric Body Hair Remover review

Cordless And Safe With Water

When using this epilator as cordless hair removal, you can feel safe if it comes in touch with water. This epilator for sensitive skin is waterproof as well. This feature makes it convenient for using the epilator in the bathtub or under the shower. It comes with a non-slip handle. It is fully washable under the running water.

Painless And Comfortable

After frequent use, the epilator hair removal method becomes almost painless and completely comfortable. It will take only about one minute to get used to it, after which you will not feel pain anymore.

Why Buy This Product

  • Cordless operation time 75 minutes
  • Cheap
  • Waterproof
  • Child lock

Best Epilator For Women For Sensitive Skin

Watolt Hair Epilator, Shaver ANd Trimmer for Women

About Watolt Epilator

The Watolt epilator for women for sensitive skin comes as an affordable hair removal device. It is lightweight (it weighs 1.2 pounds) and can easily be portable. Take it along while traveling. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Watolt Hair Epilator, Shaver ANd Trimmer for Women

Full Body Epilation

The Watolt epilator is made for full body hair removal. That includes your face too. It comes with 4 different removable heads. You can use the epilator head that will pull out the hair from the root. Also, you can use the shaver and razor heads to shave the hair. Also, it comes with the head for smoothening your heals.

Hypoallergenic Blades

If you’ve had allergy problems in the post after using the epilator, you can relax now. This epilator for women comes with the UV sterilized heads. The blades don’t cause allergic reactions. Instead, they are suitable for all women. This is important to know if you have extra sensitive skin.

Watolt Hair Epilator, Shaver ANd Trimmer for Women review

Washable Head?

This Watolt epilator for women for sensitive skin is not waterproof. It is made exclusively for dry epilation. Still, its heads can easily be detached and then washed. This allows the heads to be quickly and properly washed and prepared for the next epilation.

Smooth Skin And Long Lasting Results

The callus head will smoothen your heals and can remove dead skin. The epilator head will pull out hair from the root and give you a one month result leaving your skin soft. Frequent usage will reduce hair growth. The razor head is made to cut off the hair from the surface.

Why Buy This Product

  • Full body epilation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Washable heads
  • Lightweight and portable

Best Epilator For Sensitive Face And Body Skin

Philips Bre615 Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator

About Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator

The Philips Satinelle epilator for sensitive face and body skin leaves your skin smooth and silky for weeks after the epilation. It comes with 32 tweezers and removes hairs as short as 0.02”. It is a great corded epilator for sensitive skin with minimized discomfort.

Philips Bre615 Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator

Full Body Use And After Use

This Satinelle Advanced epilator comes with the full-body use. You can use it for the epilation of your legs, armpits, bikini line, and face. This model will prevent ingrown hairs. After use, it is suggested you relax skin with the body massager. Apply skin lotion.

Rechargeable Battery And Smart Light

This Satinelle epilator by Philips is rechargeable after which it can be used for about 40 minutes. It features the battery indicator light. Also, it comes with Smart Light and the drawstring travel pouch. The Smart Light will make all hair visible.

Philips Bre615 Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator review

Two Speed Settings

This body epilator removes hair in all sensitive areas. The precision caps that can be attached to the head target smaller areas such as the bikini zone or the face. To epilate the sensitive areas, use a slower speed. To epilate large areas, such as legs, use the fast speed.

Epilation Head

This Philips epilator for sensitive face and body skin comes with an extra-wide epilation head. The head covers more skin and this way it removes hair much faster. It doesn’t pull out the sensitive skin. The tweezing disks are made of a ceramic material.

Why Buy This Product

  • Dual speed mode
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Full body use
  • Smart light

Conclusion: Which Two Are The Best Epilators For Sensitive Skin?

In my opinion, the best two epilators for sensitive skin are the Braun Epilator Silk-Epil 9 9-985 For Women and Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver. They are both affordable and waterproof and they prevent ingrown hair as much as possible.

If you want to learn more about the epilators, read my post about the best hair removal epilators. If you are interested in more models, check out the article about the best facial hair epilator or the best eyebrow epilator.