Best 5 Epilators For Men To Choose From In 2022 Reviews

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Although it may seem odd, not every man wants to spend time shaving every day. If you want to find a device that will bring long-lasting results, try with the epilator. In this article, I bring you the top five epilators and shavers for men that you will find available on the market.


What To Know About Men Epilation

It Is Becoming More Common

The easy option for men (and women) is to shave the hair from certain body parts. If men don’t want to grow a beard or a mustache, they will shave every morning. Recently, however, it has become more common for men to epilate. Especially the hair on the neck or back. It is not weird for athletes or men models to epilate other body parts too, such as chest or legs.

What To Know Before Buying An Epilator For Men?

Men’s and women’s hair is different. Men’s hair is thicker and denser. It takes more time for men to see the results. Depending on the body part they want to epilate, men will feel a different kind of pain. If persistent in epilation, the results will eventually pay off. Not every epilator is suitable for men’s hair so be sure to find the right one.

Which Epilator Model Is The Best For Men?

Most of the epilators are designed to eliminate women’s hair. Only a few devices can completely remove men’s hair. In this article, you will find the models that epilate strong and thick hair with effectiveness. You will see some models that can be used as shavers and trimmers, in case you change your mind and decide the epilation is not for you.

Which Body Parts Can Men Epilate?

Men can epilate any body part. I will not lie, the epilation of the sensitive area on men’s body that is covered in thick and dense hair hurts even more. Especially at the beginning. I suggest you try it and go step-by-step. Eventually, you get used to it, and the epilation is almost a painless process.

5 Best Epilators For Men For Sale

Best Epilator For Men’s Back

baKblade 2.0 PLUS – Back Hair Removal

The Design

The Bakblade 2.0 Plus epilator for men’s back is an Edison award-winner. It comes with the easy-grip-ergonomic handle and patented DRYglide blades. Its blades get as close to the skin as possible without cutting it. The size of this hair remover is 10.2 x 4.5 x 3.9 inches.

baKblade 2.0 PLUS - Back Hair Removal

The Models?

There are two models of this epilator for men’s back. The Bakblade 2.0 Plus includes an ergonomic handle, two DRYglide blade cartridges, a cleaning brush, and a shower mount. The Bakblade 2.0 Plus Elite model includes all that, only it comes with three DRYglide blade cartridges, an exfoliation brush, and a maximum rubber injected grip.

How It Works

The Bakblade hair remover is perfect for men who don’t want to epilate their hair from the root. This epilator shaver cuts the hair as close to the skin as possible and leaves the clean skin. It is perfect for removing hairs from the back. Its ergonomic handle makes the hair removal safe, neat, and quick.

baKblade 2.0 PLUS - Back Hair Removal review

Wet And Dry Hair Removal

This epilator shaver doesn’ operate with batteries, nor it is electric. This is why you can use it under the shower or in a bathtub. The blades will ensure that either way, you get the best shave. It is suitable for all types of skin and it can be used by women too.

The Price

This epilator shaver for men comes as at a great price. The difference in price between the two models is less than 10$. For more details about the price, check the product online.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable and effective
  • Edison award-winner
  • quick and safe back hair removal

Best Men’s Body Hair Epilator

Emjoi Emagine Epilator For Men

The Design And Price

This Emjoi men’s body hair epilator features a 72-tweezer epilation head which makes the epilation quick and effective. It comes in red color. It has a power button placed at the center of the handle that helps you set the speed level 1 or 2. The price is reasonable and the device is durable.

Emjoi Emagine Epilator For Men

Where Can Men Use It??

This Emjoi epilator for men can be used on any body part. Depending on the pain tolerance of each person, it can be used for removing hairs from legs, back, neck, arms, or chest. It is not recommendable to use it on the face. Other models are more sensitive to that area.

How To Use It??

First, I suggest you trim the hair and shorten it. It is more painful to epilate long hair than short. After that, take a warm shower. This will help to soften the hair. Epilate the body part you want. If you are new to this, set it on level 1. Take your time. After the epilation, apply moisturizing body lotion to the epilated area. Detach the epilator head, clean it, and dry it.

Emjoi Emagine Epilator For Men review

Is It Effective?

Yes, this epilator is effective. The users on the website have mostly agreed that it is worth the pain and the results are visible if used frequently. Don’t be frightened by the pain at the beginning because later it will pay off.

The Perks Of Getting Emjoi Epilator For Men?

The male users of this epilator for men are generally satisfied with the product. The Emjoi epilator for men will save time going to the salon to get your body waxed. It is affordable, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Why Buy This Product

  • decreases the possibility of ingrown hairs
  • provides long-lasting results
  • no hedgehog skin or strawberry legs

Best Epilator For Men For Legs

epilady for men L5 Epilator for Women & Men

Men’s Use

ring why is the Epilady epilator on the list of best men’s epilators. The reason for that is the fact this epilator, unlike many others, can remove the dense and dark leg hair, such as male hair. It is powerful and effective when it comes to epilating thick leg hair.

epilady for men L5 Epilator for Women & Men

How To Use It?

The usage of the Epilady epilator for men’s legs is slightly different than when women use it. Just like with the previous model, it is advisable to shorten the hair to the minimum. It helps if you take a warm shower and only then epilate legs. Don’t forget to put the cream to prevent irritation.

The Effective Results

Thanks to the removal of the hair from the root, the results will be visible even a few weeks later. Since we are talking about men’s epilation, the first few results might not be as good as one may expect them to be. Be persistent and it will soon pay off.

epilady for men L5 Epilator for Women & Men review

Why Use Epilady Epilator For Legs

The epilation with an epilator might be even more effective than waxing. If you do waxing, you have to wait for hairs to grow back visible. The epilator removes even the shortest hair. It also saves time and money because you can do it at home and on your own.

What Is Included

The package includes the rechargeable battery which means that once you charge it, you can use it without the cord. It comes with the cleaning brush to help remove the eliminated hair from the epilator head. There are a user manual and a carrying case.

Why Buy This Product

  • effective epilator for men for legs
  • reasonable price
  • cordless use

Best Epilator For Men’s Facial Hair

Gemei Professional Epilator Gm-1400A

Facial Hair Electric Razor

The Gemei hair remover for men’s facial hair is a great electric razor. This epilator is made for men who don’t want to experiment with hair plucking, but still want to obtain great results. This Gemei model gets as close to the root as possible without cutting your skin or affecting it in any way.

Gemei Professional Epilator Gm-1400A

Easy To Use

This electric epilator shaver for men is easy to use. It cuts the hair with precision. Its blades provide the finest and safest shave quickly and with great effect. It offers great shaving and trimming results without putting in too much money or spending time going to the hair salon. Although it is an epilator shaver, the fact that it cuts the hair close to the root makes the effects last longer than with a regular razor.

Stainless Steel Blades

The blades of this Gemei epilator shave for men’s facial hair are made of natural stainless steel. The blades won’t cut your skin and they will prevent it from irritation. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic so that means this electric epilator shaver is ideal for any type or color of the skin.

Gemei Professional Epilator Gm-1400A review

Quality Vs. The Price

We have already seen that the blades are made of rust-free natural material that doesn’t affect your skin. It prevents ingrown hairs and can cut the hair as close to the root as possible. The usage is simple and this device can be used daily. Top-quality materials have been used when designing different parts of this epilator. This is why the low price of this unit is a great price for this epilator shaver for men.

Why Buy This Product

  • much more effective than a regular razor
  • good price
  • top-quality materials

Best Epilator For Male Chest Hair

BODblade – Ergonomic Body Shaver for Shaving Chest

One Of A Kind Design

The Bodblade epilator for male chest hair is another product by Bakblade. It couldn’t have not been on this list. As an Edison award-winner for its special ergonomic handle design, it is no surprise this chest hair epilator leaves its customers satisfied. The epilator is installed on a non-slip, lightweight, black handle.

BODblade - Ergonomic Body Shaver for Shaving Chest

Pain-Free Chest Shaver

Another epilator shaver that is designed for men who don’t want to pluck out the hair from the root, but cut it as close to the surface as possible. he ergonomic handle will ease the process. Move the shaver in the opposite direction of the growth of hair. Apply the body lotion after the epilation.

Wet And Dry Hair Removal?

This epilator shaver is not electric and doesn’t use any batteries. It is suitable for any type or color of the skin and it can be used for wet or dry epilation. The wet epilation is considered the one under the shower. It is convenient because you can do it standing up, or sitting down. You can use the shower gel to help blades to glide.

BODblade - Ergonomic Body Shaver for Shaving Chest review

What The Package Contains

The package includes an ergonomic shaver with two DRYglide blade cartridges, a precision blade, a cleaning brush, and a shower mount. The quality of this epilator shaver is high and the price is fair. Check out this product on Amazon often offers special discounts. Check the availability and see if you can get one of them.

Why Buy This Product

  • non-slip handle
  • wet and dry use
  • easy to maintain
  • decent price

Conclusion: Which Two Epilators For Men Are The Best?

In my opinion, the two best epilators for men are Bakblade 2.0 PLUS – Back Hair Removal and Emjoi Emagine Epilator For Men. The Bakblade shaver epilator for men’s back is an Edison award winner for reason. It is safe and effective. The Emjoi epilator is a great epilator for men that eliminates even the thickest male hair.

In case you would like to learn more about the epilator subject, I suggest you read my post about the best epilators. If you want to see more epilator models for women, check out the best facial hair epilator article or the best eyebrow epilator article.