Best 10 At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices In 2022 Reviews

If you need a change and want to try a safe and effective at-home hair removal method, why not try the at-home laser hair removal machine?

If you don’t know much about that technique, don’t worry.

Apart from listing the 10 top-rated at-home laser hair removal models, I explained all you need to know about these devices.


All You Need To Know Before Buying At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device

Who Can Use It?

Laser hair removal machines are ideal for people with dark hair and light skin. If you have a tanned or dark skin type, these devices might not always be effective. There are certain models that allow people with dark skin to use them. These devices are ineffective on light blonde, red, grey, or white hair.

The Permanent Results

Most at-home lasers emit the strong light that penetrates your skin and is absorbed by melanin, the natural pigment. The laser light destroys the melanin and the hair follicle and thus provides permanent results. Permanent in this case means long-term. Treatments have to be repeated because not all hairs actively grow at the same time.

What To Avoid?

When you get the model that matches your skin type and hair color, you have to use it as indicated. Don’t use it on damaged, pigmented, or tattooed skin. Avoid using it over the moles and most importantly, don’t use it near the eyebrows and avoid the laser pointing to the eyes.

Extra Features

Certain models come with extra features. For example, there are devices that are not only made to reduce hair growth but help with skin rejuvenation, eliminate dark spots, fix broken capillaries, and treat the acne. Some of the models that are listed in this article can help you with these problems.

Where To Buy?

Lasers for permanent hair growth reduction are available at the nearest retail stores. All of the models listed below are available on I suggest Amazon as a reliable online retailer that allows you to check other users’ reviews and often offers special offers or free shipping.

10 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal At Home

MiSMON Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Women

General Details About Laser Hair Remover

The MiSMON laser hair remover comes in feminine white and pink design. It comes with 300,000 flashes. The handle features the LCD screen display that provides information about the status and remaining number of flashes. It can treat all skin tone except for the black.

MiSMON IPL At-Home Hair Removal Device

Suitable Skin Tones And Hair Colors

This laser machine can be applied to the following skin types: white, ivory, beige, light brown, and brown. It can reduce hair growth of light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and dark hair. It is ineffective to reduce the growth of blonde, red, white, and grey hair.

How To Use

It is suggested to always use the laser on clean skin. Moreover, you should shave your hair before treating certain areas. Otherwise, the laser might create skin burns, irritations, and unpleasant hair-burning smells. Before starting with treatments, make sure you have read the instructions.

MiSMON IPL At-Home Hair Removal Device review

The Results

This laser will provide effective, painless, and quick treatments. If used correctly, the first results will be visible after a few sessions. The high number of flashes, 300,00, makes this laser usable for a long time. There will be no need for replacement lamps or purchasing new devices.

What Is Included In The Package

The package contains one MiSMON IPL laser hair removal machine, a power adapter, eye-protection glasses, and a user manual with the instructions. This long-lasting laser with a high number of flashes comes at a reasonable price.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable and long-lasting device
  • long-term results
  • a high number of flashes

Best Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin At Home

Pongnas Portable 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

How Does A Diode Laser Hair Remover Work??

The diode laser hair removal method is similar to other methods. This means that the laser light that it emits damages hair follicles and achieves the reduction in hair growth. Since the hair doesn’t all grow at the same time, the main difference between all methods is that the diode laser helps to damage only actively growing hairs.

Pongnas Portable 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Is It Safe To Use A Diode Laser?

The diode laser hair treatments have to be repeated more times so the laser could target the hair that wasn’t actively growing the previous time. However, if done carefully, the treatments won’t provide side effects. This certain model is safe to use at home, but don’t use it before getting to know the process. It can be used for professional purposes too.

Who Can Use It

This Pongnas diode laser hair removal machine can be applied to white, brown, or black skin type. It will remove dark, brown, and light hair. Depending on your skin type, use the 755nm, 808nm, or 1065nm. Read more about the usage before starting with the process.

Pongnas Portable 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine review

What Is In The Package

The package of this Pongnas diode laser hair remover contains one laser hair removal machine, adaptor, safety goggles, switch key, a handle bracket, three spot heads. The price of the package is high if you decide to use it at home and only for you. It pays off more if buying it for professional reasons.

Why Buy This Product

  • suitable for dark skin
  • at-home use or for professional purposes
  • safe and effective

Best Home Laser Hair Removal For Men

IBEET IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Men And Women

Hair Removal For Men?

The Ibeet IPL permanent laser hair remover can be applied to both women’s and men’s hair. Men have more so-called terminal hairs so not every model can reduce their hair growth. The Ibeet IPL laser will make the reduction of hair growth more effective and long-term.

IBEET IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Men And Women

Ice Compress Function

Sometimes during the treatment, you can feel slightly warm flashes on the skin. This is why this model features a rapid ice compress function. This means that this machine has a large ice compress plate that will calm down the area you are treating, shrink your pores, and protect your skin from redness.

High Number Of Flashes

The high number of flashes (999,999) makes this laser hair removal machine usable for more than 20 years. You can share it with a family member. The high number of flashes guarantees long-term results and durability of the device.

IBEET IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Men And Women review

Eight Energy Levels

There are 8 energy levels. Choose the level of the flashes. Start with level 1 when you are just beginning with treatments. This will allow your body to get used to the flashes. Also, use lower levels when treating delicate body parts. Gradually choose higher levels when treating larger body parts (limbs, back, stomach).

Where To Use

This Ibeet laser hair removal for men can be applied to most parts of the body. This includes the face too, but not the area around the eyes. It can reduce the hair growth from delicate body parts such as underarms, or bikini line. It will provide good results on the arms, legs, back, neck, and stomach.

Why Buy This Product

  • affordable price
  • suitable for both men and women
  • it can be applied to the whole body

Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal For Face

Beamia Facial & Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Effective And Painless

The Beamia laser is ideal to use on the face. It effectively and painlessly provides the first results after only a few sessions. About 90% of users claim that the total hair growth reduction was noticed after 8-10 months of regular treatments.

Beamia Facial & Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Small Design

Its compact design allows you to get used to the product in no time. It is all made of one piece (without a handle) and all you need to know about the process is listed on the screen on top of the device next to the power button.

Energy Level And Operation Mode

Many lasers feature different operation modes and energy levels and so does this one. This laser hair removal for face features 5 energy levels. Choose the right level of the flashes that best suits you. Also, there are two operation modes, the manual and auto mode. Manual mode is perfect for delicate body parts, and auto mode will make the large-body-parts treatments quicker and more effective.

Beamia Facial & Body Permanent Laser Hair Removal review

Warning Tips

Before buying the laser, check the hair color and skin tone chart. If this model can be used on your skin tone, make sure you read the instructions and use it correctly. Don’t fasten the results, it may be harmful. Avoid using it over the moles and over the damaged, tattooed, or pigmented skin. Don’t point the laser to your eyes.

Why Buy This Product

  • cheap
  • ideal for reduction of facial hair
  • 5 energy levels and 2 flash modes

Best At-Home Bikini Laser Hair Removal

BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal for Women

Advanced OPT Hair Removal Method

The OPT (Optimum Pulse Technology) technology blends the benefits of energy level and wavelength of the laser and IPL hair removal technology. The lights that these devices emit have been improved. The light that penetrates the skin is of higher quality and doesn’t affect the skin at all.

BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal for Women

Permanent Hair Growth Reduction

The BoSidin OPT laser hair removal machine provides a hassle-free, quick, and painless experience. The manufacturers worked with world experts and have created the method that precisely targets a different area of the body.? The smart system removes hair evenly, prevents hair regrowth, and leaves smooth and soft skin.

Where Can I Use It?

You can use this laser hair remover safely on all body parts, including sensitive areas. This means that if you use it on your bikini line, you will confidently enjoy summer on the beach. It works great on the upper lip and chin. It can treat the armpit hair, and other, less sensitive body-parts hair too.

BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal for Women review

Smart Modes And Rotatable Head

This BoSidin bikini line laser hair remover features 6 smart modes for accurate treatment. It provides beauty-salon-quality treatments that can be done in the comfort of your home. It features a 180° rotatable head that will make the treatments easier and you will get to reach the difficult-to-reach body parts.

Last Details

The BoSidin hair removal machine features ultra-fast cool protective layer that will prevent the redness and burns of your skin. It comes with the photo-rejuvenation technology that helps with skin repairing. The device is made of high-quality materials and it is durable.

Why Buy This Product

  • high-material device
  • rotatable head and 6 smart modes
  • gentle on delicate body parts (bikini line, upper lip, underarms)

Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal For Brazilian

Silk’n Infinity – At Home Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men

Should You Remove Hair From Brazilian Area?

Removing hair from private body parts is your personal choice. If you decide to do that, make sure you use the gentle hair removal method. Most laser hair removers are not recommendable to use in the Brazilian area. If you decide to do so, ensure the area is clean and the hair is previously removed. Don’t try to fasten the results. It may be harmful.

Silk’n Infinity Painless Laser Hair Removal Device

About Silk’n Laser

This laser machine is a small and compact device. The handle fits perfectly in your hand. It features a skin tone sensor that makes sure your skin doesn’t get affected by the laser light.? It uses the Enhanced Home Pulsed Light technology and leaves your skin smooth and soft.

Where To Use It??

This at-home laser removal machine is recommended to be used on the following body parts: face (only below the cheeks), shoulders, back, underarms, arms, stomach, legs, and bikini line. If used gently and on allowed skin type, it can carefully be applied to the Brazilian area.

Silk’n Infinity Painless Laser Hair Removal Device review

What To Be Careful With

Before starting with treatments, ensure you have controlled the skin tone and hair color chart. Also, read the instructions of use that you will find within the user manual. Treat only clean and shaved skin. Don’t use it on damaged and tattooed skin.

How To Use

Recommended use for people with light skin and dark hair: treatments 1 to 4 are to be done two weeks apart. Then, treatments 5 to 7 four weeks apart. Treatments 8+ are to be done as necessary until you achieve the desired results. If needed, maintain the results by using the machine from time to time.

Why Buy This Product

  • best at-home laser removal for Brazilian
  • a small and compact device
  • long-term results within 2 months

Best FDA-Approved Laser Hair Removal At Home

COSBEAUTY IPL Hair Removal for Women Men FDA Cleared

What Is A FDA-Approved Product?

Food And Drug Administration federal agency makes sure that the products on the market are healthy and safe. If a product is FDA-approved, means that it was qualified as safe to use. The Cosbeauty IPL hair removal is a safe and effective laser machine that uses a high-quality hair removal technique.

COSBEAUTY IPL Hair Removal for Women Men FDA Cleared

The Professional Technique

This professional-grade device uses the hair removal method that was adapted from beauty clinics and salons. It operates similarly to the lasers that professionals use and it provides effective results. The difference is that this machine is smaller and convenient for at-home use.

Five Adjustable Energy Levels

The Cosbeatuy IPL laser hair removal at home comes with five adjustable energy levels. When using for the first time, select level 1 or 2. Also, when treating delicate areas, use the lower level. Gradually select higher levels when treating large body parts.

COSBEAUTY IPL Hair Removal for Women Men FDA Cleared review

Who Can Use It

People with standard, pale white, and light white color can use this machine. Also, it may be used on light and dark brown skin tone, but it is harmful to use on black skin. It may be ineffective if used on red, grey, white, and blond hair.

How To Safely Use It

Clean and shave the skin. Power the machine on (press it for 3 seconds). Test your skin. After testing, the fan will automatically turn on if it is safe to use on your skin. Select the energy level. Start with treatment. Moisturize your skin after treatments.

Why Buy This Product

  • FDA-approved
  • skin sensor
  • five energy levels

Best At-Home IPL Laser For Broken Capillaries

FAUSTINA 3-in-1 IPL Laser

Thee In One Use

The Faustina laser machine comes as a 3 in 1 device. It uses an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology that effectively reduces hair growth, helps with skin rejuvenation, and provides solutions for skin with acne. It can be used at home or for professional purposes.

FAUSTINA 3-in-1 IPL Laser

Technical Specifications

The Faustina 3 in 1 IPL at-home laser hair removal machine comes with three detachable lamps. Each lamp has its own function. The hair removal lamp comes with 500,000 flashes. The skin rejuvenation lamp and the lamp for treating acne are effective for fixing the broken capillaries as well. The main unit features an intelligent operating system.

Five Energy Levels For The Whole-Body Use

The five energy levels that you can choose from adapt to a wide range of skin types. When treating sensitive areas, such as upper lip, armpits, or bikini line, select level 1. If you are a beginner, start with lower levels and gradually select higher levels when treating large body areas (limbs, back, stomach).

FAUSTINA 3-in-1 IPL Laser review

Quick Treatments

The treatments with Faustina at-home laser hair device are quick, gentle, are efficient. Do the full-body treatment in 30 minutes or less. Save money and forget about expensive beauty-salon treatments. Achieve the same results from the comfort of your home. The Faustina laser provides smooth skin and hair growth reduction in two months.

Last Important Characteristics

Use it on clean, dry, and shaved skin. Don’t use it over pigmented, damaged, and tattooed skin. To maintain the device, clean the nozzle with a dry cloth. The device is made of high-quality materials. The price is reasonable for a 3 in 1 unit.

Why Buy This Product

  • 3 in 1 at-home laser machine
  • at-home and professional use
  • reasonable price

Best At-Home IPL Photofacial Hair Removal Machine


Technical Characteristics.

The Skinact laser machine comes uses the newest IPL and SPTF photo-therapy technology. It features a B-lamp tube that can treat a wide area. It comes with a 12-60J range of energy, 400 nm~1200 nm wavelength, and 2Hz 800W. The price is high.

Use It At Home Or For Professional Purposes

This Skinact laser machine can be used at home if used carefully and if you know how. However, it is recommended to use this machine for professional purposes because of the price, and because of its multi-purpose features. It is not recommendable for non-professionals to use this machine.


What It Is For

This laser machine is effective for hair growth reduction. Not only that, but it can be used to treat people with skin problems. It helps with skin rejuvenation, it treats skin with acne and capillaries, it helps with skin pigmentation problems, and it is effective for people with vascular problems.

Safe To Use

If used correctly and by a professional, this machine provides no side effects. Don’t use it on damaged skin, over tattoos, or moles. Also, don’t use it near your eyes or in the genital area. Treat clean and body parts. When used for hair reduction, use on shaved skin to prevent burns and irritations.

Who Can Use?

This machine can be used by professionals to treat patients at home or beauty clinics or spa centers. People who can use this machine are people with light and brown skin tones. It is not recommendable for people with black skin to use this device, otherwise, it may harm the skin.

Why Buy This Product

  • at-home of professional use
  • helps with hair reduction and skin problems
  • high price and high-quality

Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Biotechnique Avance SDL-50DX Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

General Information About SDL-50DX?

This SDL-50DX diode laser machine by Biotechnique Avance produces three times more effective power than many other laser machines (130jcm2 per second). The pulse duration is 70ms and pulse frequency is user-adjustable (up to 7 emissions per second).

Biotechnique Avance SDL-50DX Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

The Diode Laser Use

This diode laser is up to 300% more efficient than shaving and it is one of the most efficient lasers on the market. It can be used to reduce the growth of blond and red hair. It delivers highly concentrated photon energy directly through the skin. It doesn’t provide side effects while targeting hair follicles and damaging it.

The Effective Results

The diode laser emits strong pulsating lights. These lights are absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. This is how the hair follicle is damaged and the reduction of hair growth is achieved. This laser hair remover operates gently, painfully, and efficiently. The first results are visible after a few treatments only. After a few more regular sessions, you will see 92% of the reduction in hair growth.

Biotechnique Avance SDL-50DX Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine review

The Professional Use

Although this article is about the at-home laser machines, this device is recommended to be used at professional clinics. I have listed it among these models because if it operated by a professional, it can be used at home too. Before starting with treatments, you have to know how they are done. Make sure the patient gets safe and gentle treatments.

Why Buy This Product

  • ideal for professional use
  • highly effective
  • can be used on lighter hair colors too

Conclusion: Which Two Laser Hair Removal Home Devices Should You Consider Getting And Why?

In my opinion, the two best at-home laser hair machines are IBEET IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal For Men And Women and BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal for Women. The Ibeet model is ideal for a reduction in men’s terminal hairs. It can be used for women too. The BoSidin model comes with a smart and upgraded hair removal technique.

In case you haven’t find the right model for you, check out more hair removal devices. Maybe among the professional laser hair removal machines or full body hair removal lasers, you will find your perfect match.