Self-Worth for Children

Self-Worth in Children

Self-worth is very important because it is the interior mechanism that allows us to follow our dreams and to reach our goals. Even though self-worth and self-esteem are often used as synonyms, they are not the same thing. They are correlated, though, because a high level of self-esteem can also help in building self-wroth.

It is very important to build self-worth in your children because this is going to define them as adults and it is going to shape their future believes. Here is how to help your kid grow his self-worth:

  • Be realistic about his activities. Not all your kid’s activities are going to be successful. It is important to encourage him and to congratulate him for the effort, not necessarily for the final outcome. Kids need to know that their efforts are noticed and appreciated.
  • Also be realistic about his talents. There is no such thing as a child talented in all fields. Your kid probably has some qualities that need to be identified and encouraged. Some kids are good at drawing, but can’t sing. Others like reading but hate mathematics. It’s your job to find the talents of your kid and to encourage them. On the other hand, it is unrealistic and dangerous to expect performance in all fields from your children.
  • Self-worth is strongly connected with the perception about yourself. Make your kid feel loved and appreciated because otherwise he will grow up considering that he is useless. This is very dangerous for his self worth, so prevent it from early years. Listen to your kid and pay attention to his activities. This way, he will know that his thoughts and actions are important.
  • Setting up limits for your child is as important as encouraging him and offering affection. Kids need limits in order to be able to function as adults in a society. In the absence of limits, their self-worth can’t develop because they will constantly come across socially difficult situations.
  • Learn how to accept your kid for who he is and also teach him to be pleased with his own person. This is a basic requirement for healthy self-worth: making peace with your own person and accepting both your qualities and your defects.

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